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Making a fairy tale hat

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delphinedownunder Sun 07-Jun-09 04:29:04

I want to make a fairy tale hat to wear in my classroom when i am reading stories as a visual signal that it's time to sit still and listen and for my own fun! I am thinking of a tall pointy hat with floaty fabric attached to the top in a medieval princess style, but I'd like it to be more robust and special than a roll of card with stickers and it needs to stay on my head with relative ease, even if the story gets lively and animated. Any thoughts/ hints/ ideas?

dizzyday07 Sun 07-Jun-09 09:25:47

here is a tutorial for a girls version using felt - it might scale up ok

BlueChampagne Mon 08-Jun-09 13:11:33

You could go to your local costume hire place and do a bit of research on their stocks, and chat to the staff.

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