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Overlocker question

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99redballoons Mon 09-May-05 15:10:10

Can anyone recommend a good value overlocker? I'm just realising I need to invest in one (already have sewing machine) but don't want to spend a bomb, but then again don't want something that'll break as soon as I use it.. What features are useful and I should be looking out for? How many threads (and in what circumstances do you need the different numbers?) Can I get some decent for under £200?

Any help really appreciated!

PrettyCandles Mon 09-May-05 15:31:37

My mum has a Bernina and it's excellent. The trickiest bit is learning how to thread it - Bernina do classes for new owners. I think it was a fairly expensive one, but it seems worth spending because they are quite vigorous in their function and you need a machine that will tolerate all the thumping to and fro. IIRC, you can get away with 3 threads for lightweight material, but for heavier or thicker material you need 4 threads. That's pretty much the sum total of my knowledge of overlockers! My mum's is a good few years old now - 10 or more? - so I'm sure there are cheaper, stronger and more versatile ones around now. A feature that I feel would be useful, though I don't know whether it exists, would be the ability to make flat seams.

I'd be interested to see what others say, as I'd like one too, but can't justify spending a lot on it!

99redballoons Mon 09-May-05 16:06:40

Hi pc! Thanks for this. Yes, similar to me. Really need to make sure I'll use it enough to justify the cost. My sewing machine is actually my mum's old one, a Bernina! I love it. It was state of the art when she first bought it in the late sixties and I still haven't seen anything that matches it these days that's an afordable replacement. It's still going strong so why the need? But, I'm finding it time consuming doing edges twice, once for hem then once for zigzag edge, or two hems for strength. Everything is home taught so I'm sure there must be an easier way, but haven't found it yet! Currently I'm trying to make a few beanbags for some friends and I know an overlocker would speed up the job and make it more professional looking.

Let's see who else replies!

99redballoons Tue 10-May-05 14:18:34


didn't really like the range in John Lewis so not sure where to go now. We don't have a dedicated sewing shop nearby.. any help appreciated.

PrettyCandles Tue 10-May-05 14:31:23

I Googled overlockers and got over 19,000 hits - information overload!

Have a look at this .

Fio2 Tue 10-May-05 14:34:01

I have a Frisster and Rossman overlocker and it is a good value one and great

Bernina are brill but expensive

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