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Where can I buy nice buttons?

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merglemergle Sun 08-May-05 07:01:06

ie not plasticky.

What I really want is some medium, lightweight wooden star buttons.

But I am drawing a blank.

Any ideas?

suzywong Sun 08-May-05 07:32:08

John Lewis

merglemergle Sun 08-May-05 07:47:16

No john lewis here. Need somewhere on the internet

suzywong Sun 08-May-05 07:54:54

well I can't help you then, sorry

melsy Sun 08-May-05 08:25:53

If you want to purchase online , I think you may only find companys trading in USA/ India!! Have a look on google. Haberdashery is a V limited business in this country it seems.

melsy Sun 08-May-05 08:46:21

Found this for you bedecked hetfordshire

and a uk haberdashery suppliers online list

tamum Sun 08-May-05 09:46:42

I can't help with wooden stars, I'm afraid, but there's a good selection of nice ceramic buttons at Injabulo including some stars, and Scottish Fibres sell wooden buttons. The website is not the most informative, and most of the wooden buttons are pretty big, but the people who run it are really nice, and I'm sure they would get back to you if you asked specifically about anything you were trying to get hold of.

Generally I agree with melsy, it's hard to get haberdashery online. It's worth looking at Kleins in general, although I'm pretty sure they won't do wooden buttons.


almostanangel Sun 08-May-05 09:48:38

the cheapshop tiptree essex has them im sure

almostanangel Sun 08-May-05 09:48:38

the cheapshop tiptree essex has them im sure

tamum Sun 08-May-05 09:49:15

Oh, and if you don't mind buying from overseas, there are these on eBay !

merglemergle Sun 08-May-05 11:19:47

thanks for all the links-bedecked and injabolo esp look really good.

We have a baby due in 7 weeks so naturally I am knitting LOTS of jumpers for ds, who will be nearly 2. Nothing really for baby, which I feel a bit bad about but hey. But I'm thinking now I might at least customised some of ds' dungarees for her with motifs from bedecked....

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