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What's the name of that website where people show/sell handicrafts?

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LovelyDear Wed 27-May-09 23:55:30

I need some ideas. I have some great fabric, and thought I would make up some stuff to sell to raise money at the school summer fair. But I don't know what - am thinking girls' handbags, er other things....? any suggestions gratefully received.

thisisyesterday Wed 27-May-09 23:56:00


LovelyDear Wed 27-May-09 23:57:01

that's the fella! thank you.

seriouscase Thu 28-May-09 00:01:29

Psychobabble Thu 28-May-09 14:24:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Whizzz Mon 01-Jun-09 22:14:12

but please don't just go on there to 'borrow' ideas from other hard working crafters. There has been more than one crafter that I know of that has had ideas 'used' & sold by other people.

There are plenty of tutorials online if you google, where you can buy patterns and/or crafters willingly pass on ideas & know how.

tigana Mon 01-Jun-09 22:16:52

Try Craftster
More about sharing ideas and crafts as opposed to selling stuff.
LOTS of inspiration there. Occasional shite unusual pieces too.

RosemaryBingle Wed 03-Jun-09 12:02:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LovelyDear Thu 04-Jun-09 00:37:54

thanks - those are v helpful. i don't want to make money for me, just for school, so ideas sharing and not poaching is what i'm about!

slummybutyummy Thu 04-Jun-09 01:18:30

How about bunting - you could applique Happy Birthday on it? Shoulder bags / sock animals?

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