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Ideas for 30th birthday present

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Innat Mon 25-May-09 20:02:26

Hi my sister is 30 in a couple of weeks. I asked her what she wanted and she sadi "just make me something" but i'm stuck for inspiration.

It needs to be something quick and easy (I'm due to have a baby the beginning of June, so want to do it before it comes). I have a 21mo dd who could "help" me make something. The only idea I've had is to get dd to do some drawings and paintings and cut them and frame them...but not sure if this would look a bit crap.

Any ideas greatly appreciated - thanks

Cathpot Mon 25-May-09 20:06:51

I got a lovely plate for my 30th from one of those paint your own pottery places, it had pictures of things they associated with me - gin, books and beaches amongst others- thats a life long gone!

Maybe something along those lines, not necessarily a plate but a collage of things about her- even words or sentences to do with her, printed out and used to decorate a photo frame or mirror frame? Something to mark where she is in her life now and memories of childhood as well? A photo montage of her and then decorate the frame with DD?

oliviasmama Mon 25-May-09 21:16:04

Why not make her a memory scrap book, put in all the things you remember from your childhood. Things that you did when you were little together, photo's, memories, special things about your childhood, family holidays, animals, partys, days out, keep sakes...just a thought but if my brother did that for my pressie, i'd love it.

threeandcounting Mon 25-May-09 21:17:38


One of my favourite presents ever was from my sister. It was a picture and writing she had done when she was little about me coming home after being born. She has it framed and gave it to me for my birthday.

What about using dds handprints to make a "flower" and use fingers as grass etc and then get it framed?

Personal presents are always the best!! wink

Innat Tue 26-May-09 14:41:30

Thanks for those ideas. Might ask my mum to dig out a few old photos. threeandcounting - ehat a lovely present to get, shame i don't have time to go down to my parent's and see if i can find anythign similar. i think i might try some painting later today with dd and try your flower idea adn see how it turns out. then maybe use some photos around it or something. I need to get creative!!

thell Wed 03-Jun-09 22:38:39

what a lovely idea, three!
my fave 30th present was very similar - i had a fancy dress party, so mum made me a little scrapbook of pictures of me in various dressing-up costumes as i was growing up, beginning with some funny or cute baby pics, and leaving a space at the end for one of me at my party.

you could do a collage, which you could frame. use printing / painting with DD as backing paper, cut / tear pieces of paper with hand-written poems or song lyrics on, and a few photos.

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