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I need a hobby!

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lunavix Wed 04-May-05 16:11:27

I'd love to have a hobby to do in the evenings (once I'm not working evenings that is!) and I love artsy craftsy stuff Any suggestions?
I'm not too sure about card marking, I made my own wedding stationery and while I enjoyed it I'm sadly not very good at drawing and art so it was quite challenging. I've heard lots about quilting and things but I'd be a complete beginner and know nothing about any of it!

lunavix Wed 04-May-05 19:06:21

any ideas?

WigWamBam Wed 04-May-05 19:07:48

Cross stitch? Tapestry? Patchwork? Beadwork?

Yorkiegirl Wed 04-May-05 19:07:56

Message withdrawn

moondog Wed 04-May-05 19:08:46

lv, I started quilting a few years ago and really love it. It's not hard and it's hugely satisfying.
I attended an evening class for about 16 weeks which was enough to give me the confidence to go it alone.

I have my latest work of art up on a frame by my side and just dip in and out all day.

Dingle Wed 04-May-05 19:13:58

Have you got a local craft shop that does a few courses. That way you could try out a few different things to see how you get on before laying out money on materials.

TBH, I don't think you need to be very good at drawing for cardmaking.I did get O'level in art, but I am certainly not an artist!

Dingle Wed 04-May-05 19:15:32

he he he I did get other O'levels I may add! That made my sound a bit "sad."

lunavix Wed 04-May-05 19:16:22

Dingle - I had to enlist someone to write the word 'wedding' on my cards It's unthinkable!

YG - feel too young to knit! What exactly are you scrapbooking? I remember making one of a band I loved as a teenager guess you don't mean quite the same thing

Is patchwork and quilting the same thing? It looks interesting guess I'd need to sew! Like the idea of cross stitch and beadwork but that's following patterns isn't it??

moondog Wed 04-May-05 19:22:17

Patchwork is putting it all together,quilting is sewing the different layers together to give it the lovely quilty puffiness.
Knitting is very groovy now!! All the range with funky SATC types they say!

Dingle Wed 04-May-05 19:30:23

Take a look in the gallery, I bet there aren't that many cards with handwritten wording, you can use stamps, peel-off, print off your own wording on the PC...

I love knitting too, don't get much chance now, that's really why I started card making. But saying that I am fast approaching 40!!! Have a look at some of the great designs around to see if that would sway you.

If you wanted to do something more along the line of needlecraft, you could even encorporate that into card making, cross stitch, hand embroidered, machine embroidered, applique, patchwork, quilting, can all be applied to cards, just keeps the size and time of the project smaller. Great, especially when starting out, or if time is limited.

Consider when and where you plan to do this "hobby." How much time do you have to spare, you don't want to be spending all your time setting up in preparation and have now time left to actually do anything.

lunavix Wed 04-May-05 22:01:31

ooh so many options!

moondog - what's SATC?

cheekychops03 Thu 05-May-05 00:37:27

Personally, I find cross stitch very relaxing and its something you can put down and come back to days (weeks, months) later and still have an idea what you are doing.
There is also rug making (aka latch hooking). Dead simple once you get the knack but I have to admit, a rug I started when pregnant is still half finished in its box (ds is now 26 months old )

merglemergle Thu 05-May-05 08:10:53

Knitting. Here's why

Knitting is fantastic, you can pick it up and put it down so easily, and doesn't take too long to do if you pick projects carefully (like hats, mittens etc)! Its also very easy to get started, (eg with a simple quilt/throw, or hat or something) but stays a real challenge.

IME most of the really nice knitted stuff you see is simple to make, but they've used slightly more pricey wool.

I'm 27 BTW so not THAT old.

You will find one hobby leads into another anyway. The real challenge for me was getting to a point where you see creative stuff as something I could do.

lunavix Thu 05-May-05 20:32:21

merglemergle - that stuff is lovely! I'm guessing that's not for beginners though

Where would I start? I know I can't just get a pattern because dp was given one and some wool and needles as a jokey present when we were expecting ds and it looks rather complicated...

Enid Thu 05-May-05 20:36:12

I love doing a bit of cross stitch or needlepoint in the evenings, it takes me forever to do one thing but I have made a few samplers etc for the dds and family.

Enid Thu 05-May-05 20:37:23

\link {\these needlepoint kits are lovely} and very easy

Enid Thu 05-May-05 20:37:55


these needlepoint kits are lovely and very easy

tamum Thu 05-May-05 20:42:47

I like the Jolly Red stuff too, Enid. I made up some of my own along those lines too.

lunavix, there's a magazine that started last month called Simply Knitting. It would be an ideal place to start- they talk you through all the basics and have simple patterns to start on. There are good, clear pictures showing you how to do the first stitches. There's also a very good book by Debbie Bliss that is good for beginners.

Enid Thu 05-May-05 20:44:50

I want to knit but dh wont let me says the noise of the needles clicking will drive him demented

lunavix Thu 05-May-05 20:46:27

I know dh2b will take the mick out of me no matter what I do...

I'm just sadly by no means creative, but I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and plunge into something!

macwoozy Thu 05-May-05 20:49:02

This might sound really dreary, but something totally different. How about matchstick models. I'm just in the middle of creating the haywain, it was about 2 years since I started but I always go back to it when I'm in the mood.

merglemergle Thu 05-May-05 21:58:45

lunavix-erika knight and debbie bliss both do good stuff which is for beginners. I don't know so much about the book I linked to, but there is definately stuff out there they have done-Amazon?. I couldn't knit at all about 3 months ago, now I'm doing jumpers and all sorts, by working through these books.

I've been working through baby clothes, and I've used both debbie bliss and erika knight and they are very clear, step by step instructions. It sounds like you probably don't want baby clothes so much though.

Actually, looking at the stuff on the link, I'd say at least the bag and the cushion should be quite straighforward. All probably it is is she's used a fancy yarn, and you'll be able to get that over the internet if all else fails.

I was very pleasently suprised at the number of knitting patterns in my local library.

Also-if you have someone who can actually show you how to knit-you're laughing.

....but I'm getting tempted by rug making and cross stitch now...

tamum Thu 05-May-05 22:00:25

Enid, that's awful We can have a protest knit-in in Lyme. I shall bring my quietest needles for you to try.

littlerach Wed 08-Jun-05 14:08:37

Reviving this thread as I have been doing some cross stitch and fancy doing something else.

What is the difference between tapestry, needlework and emroidery? How easy are they, I don't have a machine at present. Any good tips or websites?

Thank you.

cluckychook Tue 28-Jun-05 16:10:39

Tapestry is like cross stitch but you only do one half of the cross each time. You often use wool, so it grows a lot quicker than cross stitch. I recommend the Jolly Red kits too (see link below). They do have some smaller kits you could get to see if you like it.

Embroidery uses a variety of different stitches, and is harder to learn than cross stitch or tapestry. The advantage is you feel less restricted and can vary the design or stitches a bit if you feel like it. Rowendean do really good embroidery kits and come with clear instructions (but again start with a small one as the large ones take a long time).

Needlework is just a term meaning all of these crafts and others.

I'm into sewing (dressmaking) at the moment and recommend it. Quicker results than knitting but I find it more interesting than cross stitch. will inspire you and give some information.

Knitting is relaxing but takes longer to finish anything - its good for winter.

Hope you find a craft that suits you.

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