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Scooby doo's - plastic plaited string?

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sparkdiamond Wed 04-May-05 15:58:55

Help - my 9 year old boy wants to do the latest school yard craze - "Scooby Doo's", thats plastic string that they plait up/ Any ideas of stuff on the net he can look at????

SoupDragon Wed 04-May-05 16:00:30

Yes, there's another thread in Arts and Crafts. And they're spelt Scoobidous which is probably why you can't find anything!

SoupDragon Wed 04-May-05 16:01:25

Here's the other thread.

gingerbear Wed 04-May-05 16:04:35 have them, and it is pretty cheap IIRC.

sparkdiamond Fri 06-May-05 09:25:46

thanks to SoupDragon +gingerbear I now have a happy 9 year old and I am officially a supermum again - for a while!!!!

SoupDragon Fri 06-May-05 12:19:57

Sad person that I am, I've just bought a Scoobi book <<rolls eyes in disgust>>

Carla Fri 06-May-05 12:31:08

Soupy, don't be ashamed. Have you made the mouse yet?

SoupDragon Fri 06-May-05 12:40:04

Haven't looked at the book yet I have chores to do.

sparkdiamond Sat 14-May-05 09:56:53

Would you believe it I got the scooby's but needed to look for the book to "make" things. But now this week he has moved on to Star Wars stuff/light sabers in cereal packets and sticker books!!!!! Talk about fickle!!! I'll keep it all for a rainy day

procrastinator Sat 14-May-05 21:52:40

I found that there are some products on a site called which have free scoubidous instructions on them. My daughter found them very clear to use.

alterego Sat 14-May-05 22:05:30

Look at this scoubidou site for instructions. Looks quite comprehensive to me.

TinyGang Sat 14-May-05 22:08:27

Can't get your like to work Alterego. I'm desparate to understand this Scoubie thing, as dd has got into it and I don't get it!

TinyGang Sat 14-May-05 22:09:03

I meant 'link' not 'like'!

alterego Sat 14-May-05 22:13:14

this one might work . Forgot to put the http bit in before which clearly messed it up.

alterego Sat 14-May-05 22:13:55

Must hasten to add that I haven't tried the instructions yet - will get the scoubidous out tomorrow and give them a go.

TinyGang Sat 14-May-05 22:21:16

Thank you Alterego

Good lord, this looks like I'll need to do some Scoubie homework. Dd just twisted a few strands together that she got from school and now takes them everywhere. I somehow thought there was going to be more to it than that!

SoupDragon Sat 14-May-05 22:27:01

Coooeee, procrastinator! That's 4 out of 5 posts where you plug that website. Are you involved in it in some way??

SoupDragon Sat 14-May-05 22:28:37

BTW, I posted a couple of links on this thread

Yorkiegirl Tue 21-Jun-05 19:59:03

Message withdrawn

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