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Fancy cut scissors - cheap!

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MandM Fri 29-Apr-05 13:35:36

Just in case anyone is in need of any new fancy cut scissors - Superdrug of all places have got a set of five (one handle with five different interchangeable blades) currently available for £2.99. Spotted it in one of those glossy leaflets that come through the door.
Apparantly, Netto had a whole load of Versamark and other brandname stamping and embossing equipment in a few weeks ago for absolute bargain prices and I missed it .

lovingmummy Fri 29-Apr-05 13:39:36

Thanks, I'll make a point of going to get some tomorrow.

pootlepod Mon 09-May-05 21:27:35

I got these last week and used them for the first time tonight- not bad at all!! Nice to have sharp ones for a change.

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