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Hoby Craft Meet Up 21st May Bolton...anyone interested?

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Jayzmummy Thu 28-Apr-05 16:26:08

this is where its at

May 21st, Bolton....who's up for a meet up.

Overnight stay?

Im travelling up the M5, on the Friday, from the SW so can quite happily stop of on the way and collect anyone who needs a lift.

Depending on plans....maybe on the Sunady drive over to Dawn Bibbys place....and then head home sunday afternoon.

So who wants to come along and meet up with AQ and myself???

AuntyQuated Thu 28-Apr-05 19:43:53


anorak Thu 28-Apr-05 20:03:53

I'm going to ask dh tonight.

Yorkiegirl Thu 28-Apr-05 20:06:48

Message withdrawn

Dingle Thu 28-Apr-05 20:08:16


Jayzmummy Thu 28-Apr-05 20:15:52

Dingle...theres always the November dates at the NEC.....just sorry you cant make this one

Dior Thu 28-Apr-05 20:42:40

Message withdrawn

AuntyQuated Thu 28-Apr-05 21:03:09

pootlepod isn't too far away...where are you PP?

pootlepod Thu 28-Apr-05 21:43:42

I was looking at coming..but would have to come on the train and it would be a 3 hour journey!

Do quite fancy the NEC one though...

pootlepod Thu 28-Apr-05 21:44:39

Mind you have just seen that Jayzmummy is coming from the SW!

Jayzmummy Thu 28-Apr-05 23:30:41

Pootle if your enroute I could pick you up!

anorak Fri 29-Apr-05 08:34:32

Yes! I can come!

I have to get back on Sunday though as we have to go to a boring first communion with dh's best friends. Ah well they are lovely people but I am very irreligious!

So most probably I will drive up the M1 from Herts. (unless my sis decides to come then I will be collecting her from Staines) Is anyone on my way?

AuntyQuated Fri 29-Apr-05 11:02:50

great anorak..up to 3 now.
anyone else?

anorak Sat 30-Apr-05 11:08:37

My sister can't come

pleaserewind Sat 30-Apr-05 11:25:49

I'd like to come but i'm too shy

kkgirl Sat 30-Apr-05 11:55:50

I'd love to come but couldn't leave dh for the whole weekend, he'd be tearing his hair out after 15 mins alone with the kids!!!

Might go to Cheltenham at the end of the month, although buying stuff seems to have taken over actually making anything!

anorak Sat 30-Apr-05 12:14:04

Aaah pleaserewind, don't be shy, come, it will be fun.

AuntyQuated Sat 30-Apr-05 13:27:24

pleaserewind- don't let that stop you -it's not as though you will have to make 'small talk'...we all have two big things in common - kids and crafts.
i would imagine that if it is busy it would be impractical to stick together so we may well end up splitting up and rejoining to compare notes and purchases!! where are you pleaserewind...i could meet up with you somewhere first and we could go together if that helps.

anorak - i hope you are still going to come, pity about your sister. are you on JM's route?

my tickets arrived this morning! with a list of workshops. they are 8 quid, that's more than the ticket initially. can't decide about it.
if you get your tickets online you get a 3 day pass, not just for the one day.

AuntyQuated Sat 30-Apr-05 13:28:06

kkgirl - it sounds like you need to come, it would do your DH good!

anorak Sat 30-Apr-05 17:42:39

Yes, I am still coming. I'm not on Jayzmummy's route, I live near the bottom of the M1. I'll probably drive up. If anyone's on my route who wants a lift, let me know.

AuntyQuated Sat 30-Apr-05 17:48:42

great anorak...maybe soemone will need a lift. dads wine is coming along nicely

pootlepod Sun 01-May-05 12:08:15

Thanks for the offers, still really tempted and then I looked on the calendar and found I had a tutorial then anyway!

Oh well, would definitely be thinking about the NEC one as my course will have finished by then and I can make cards all day long! It's a bit later than I would like for thinking about ... (whispers) Christmas.

I would be quite up for a card makers meet though if anyone fancies one before then.

anorak Thu 05-May-05 12:50:30

What arrangements are we going to make for rooms for the night and stuff? AQ didn't you say you live in Bolton? Are there any motels/hotels you can recommend?

I presume we are getting our tickets individually from the website?

Anyone else interested in coming along?

Jayzmummy Thu 05-May-05 14:31:26

Theres a travel lodge a fewminutes walk away from the Reebok....I am trying to find a link!!!!!

AuntyQuated Thu 05-May-05 21:25:59

Holiday Inn Expess is literally across the road from the Reebok stadium, has a Harvester pub on one side and a American place (Jeffersons) on the other and is 2 mins from Horwick parkway train station

Travel Inn is 2 min drive/10 minute walk from the stadium and part of the Beehive pub. So is the same away from all the above.

Both of them are minutes away from J6 of the M61

I ordered my tickets from the interent before the meet-up was get 3 days for the price of one, so i may go and do a rekkie(sp?) on the Friday!

there are some workshops too if anyone fancies one. i can't decide

let me know what you decide

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