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anchovies Sat 23-Apr-05 10:08:03


Just wondering whether any of you arty folk make badges? I would like to buy about 30-40 personalised badges for my sisters hen night but can't find anywhere that makes/sells them. If anybody does, please could you cat me with the details.


misdee Sat 23-Apr-05 10:09:02

u could buy a badge it, and create your own designs.

feelingold Sat 23-Apr-05 10:12:23

My dd has the super badge it (can buy in woolies, argos etc) and you can make any design you want, but they are quite small.
Hope you have a great time.

anchovies Sat 23-Apr-05 10:12:39

Had a look in one of the boxes (can't remember what make though) but the badges were the kind with a plastic clip rather than a metal pin IYKWIM. Don't siuppose you know whether the badge it ones defo pins?

misdee Sat 23-Apr-05 10:13:36

think they are. the ones in ELC are as well. we got dd2 the plastic clips ones from WHSmiths at xmas, and they are crap.

Dingle Sat 23-Apr-05 10:14:31

You could make them on the computer with shrink plastic. What sort of design were you thinking about or was it just names!!!

anchovies Sat 23-Apr-05 10:19:14

Wanted an embarrassing pic of her with a bit of writing top and bottom. They need to be good as she is a primary teacher and very arty and all her teacher friends are coming too!

Dingle Sat 23-Apr-05 10:25:39

I've not used it on the PC at all but you could scan in pic of her print it out on shrink plastic and pop it in the oven, it shrinks to about 70% (??) and thickens. I don't know about bagde pins though, but I think you can get stick on backings with metal pins from somewhere. I am sure someone else will know.
If you wwant to give it a try, you can get a free sample of computer shrink plastic from the Avery website! Very "crafty" I know, but if a few of the hen crowd do the same from thier PCs youu probably wouldn't ned to buy any!!! It might be worth a try!

anchovies Sat 23-Apr-05 10:30:55

Thanks! Have ordered a sample and will give it a go!

Dingle Sat 23-Apr-05 11:24:28

I'll keep an eye open in my craft catalogues for the badge pins, just in case!

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