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Sissix - can you cut fabric?

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katzguk Thu 21-Apr-05 21:14:01


was juts wondering, i would like to make some curatins covered in stars for DD's bedroom, the biggest gold fabric stars i can find are 20mm which is a bit on the small side, i was thinking more 5-10cm.

Can you cut fabric with a sissix machine?

essbee Thu 21-Apr-05 21:44:29

Message withdrawn

Jayzmummy Thu 21-Apr-05 22:05:52

Yes...cuts OK.

champs Thu 21-Apr-05 23:25:43

saw tip in a mag that says to spray fabric with stiftner(sp) and dry b4 putting in szx.

katzguk Fri 22-Apr-05 12:40:28

cool - sounds great, do you think if a stuck wonderweb to one side of the fabric then cut this would work too, it would help to stiften the fabric up too.

my next question would be anyone with a sizzix and a star cutter who'd liek to help out! willing to pay!!

champs Fri 22-Apr-05 13:36:05

think it would work.
I have a sizzix but not a star die. Anorak has a star one.

anorak Sat 23-Apr-05 15:09:00

Hello, only just seen this. Yes, you can cut fabric. You're supposed to put a piece of paper under the fabric to stiffen it.

I do have a star die, it's the small sizzix star die, it's about an inch and a quarter wide, five points. If you want to see I have posted a page on the mumsnet card gallery in the swaps section.

And I do sell die-cuts, so you are welcome to proposition me . CAT me if you want to talk about it.

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