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Any craft ideas for ten year old girl's party (non messy...)?

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soyabean Mon 18-Apr-05 21:01:33

Dd will be ten soon and always has a party with about 7 or 8 friends where they do some kind of crafty activity and make something to take home, then have tea and a film. It works well but we havent come up with any fun new ideas. Can anyone help? Last year I bought leather string and lots of beads from Neal St and they made necklaces; the previous year they made mosaic picture frames. They have to all fit round the table so I'd prefer it not to be too messy! I suggested Scoubidous but I guess thats too everyday. I will be very grateful for any ideas.

tamum Mon 18-Apr-05 21:03:19

Get some cheap white t-shirts and fabric crayons, maybe? I know it's not a cheap idea, but you could get t-shirts for a few quid somewhere like Poundstretcher, and Baker Ross do lots of fabric pens and crayons.

ambrosia Mon 18-Apr-05 21:05:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Catbert Mon 18-Apr-05 21:06:49

Friendship bracelets? Probably not the done thing anymore, but I remember at one time, loads of people made them, and it's a weaving thing with threads...

I found a tutorial

And infact, this link was found via this website which has loads of ideas...

tamum Mon 18-Apr-05 21:09:34

Actually, in general it is worth looking at Baker Ross. They have plain fabric pencil cases to decorate and things like that.

TinyGang Mon 18-Apr-05 21:09:44

I expect you've seen the Baker Ross catalogue? I first heard about it on mn and it's great for things like this. I keep meaning to get some things for my gang.

You can buy enough sets of whatever you choose for a party and they can make all sorts of things - bracelets, keyrings, little winchimes etc. Sorry if you already know about it! I've just looked at it and think it's great

tamum Mon 18-Apr-05 21:10:25

Great minds, TinyGang

TinyGang Mon 18-Apr-05 21:10:49

Oops, once again everyone can type faster than me!

spots Mon 18-Apr-05 21:11:04

Sign making shops sell lengths of sticky backed vinyl in brilliant colours. You peel off the backing and stick it on (pretty much anything). I'm afraid the only thing is I can't remember how expensive it is.. I have used it for theatre projects and it always struck me how good it would be as a children's craft activity. It is very wide so goes a long way. They could cut out shapes/patterns and decorate jars, or boxes, or bicycle frames... anything straight sided, as it doesn't do contours very well.

soyabean Tue 19-Apr-05 09:46:13

Wow thanks everyone, I knew you'd come up with ideas! I like the pencil case idea and will have a look at Baker Ross as suggested. presumably a website? I'm off to check it out now. many thanks all.

grumpyfrumpy Tue 19-Apr-05 09:54:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tex111 Tue 19-Apr-05 09:54:07

I haven't had a chance to read through the thread so I don't know if anyone has already mentioned scoubidous? They're long hollow tubes of coloured plastic and you knot them and twist them to make friendship bracelets, little people, etc. I hear they're very popular though my DSis too young for them now. They seem fun and very low-mess. Good luck with your party!

tex111 Tue 19-Apr-05 09:57:12

Oops, just re-read your initial question!

tatt Tue 19-Apr-05 10:06:16

any scrap stores mear you? If so its a cheap way to acquire lots of scraps. I suppose card making is too banal? Perhaps with mini tapestry pictures to make it slower The daughter did some oven baked clay animals yesterday - less messy than I expected.

Peachyclair Tue 19-Apr-05 14:16:41

Shrink plastic pendants or keyrings? Friendhip bracelts are good, or how about covering cheap notebook with funky foam (you can get tubs or adhesive sheets and also flat pieces) to make personal diaries / journals? Taht would work a treat!

bambi06 Tue 19-Apr-05 14:54:22

what about a cooking party/ they could make fairy cakes then give them lots of things to decorate them with

soyabean Sat 23-Apr-05 17:47:40

Thank you all so much for your ideas. I have bought some of the plain pencil cases from Baker Ross, and fabric paint pens. We have lots of sequins etc they can use too. Dd is happy so thats great. And today we went to Primark and got a selection of bags for £1 each in lieu of party bags, as I guess the pencil cases will still be drying at home time.

I can see that the Baker Ross catalogue will become a much consulted document. She is planning Xmas presents already!

wavingordrowning Sat 23-Apr-05 20:26:54

Read this thread with interest. Sorry to hijack it but thank you to those of you who mentioned Baker Ross. Had never heard of it but have already put in an order and recommended it to 3 friends. Can't wait for our parcel...

tamum Sat 23-Apr-05 20:27:54

They've just got a new catalogue out too which has more new ideas in it than I've seen for a while. Hope your order is good

procrastinator Mon 02-May-05 04:05:49

have you looked at a kids craft website called fun2make - the stuff is really cheap and great for kids! (

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