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Another Card Novice - What do I need to know !?

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Whizzz Sun 17-Apr-05 09:59:04

OK - Inspired by some of the lovely cards I've seen on here, I've been to Hobbycraft & got a bag full of goodies to make some cards. I think I'm a fairly creative person but does anyone have any tips - good websites for inspiration etc?
I fancy doing some nature inspired things & have got some skeleton leaves. How can you use real pressed leaves / petals etc without them falling to bits ?

Dingle Sun 17-Apr-05 10:19:15

Soem of the pressed flowers are obviously very fragile, using tweezers when handling them helps. I tend to stick mine down with my beloved PVA glue. I have done some designs with flower heads in little apertures, that way the don't stick out proud from the card IYSWIM and have a bit of protection. You can also buy peel-offs in various shapes like little clear windows. Something else I have is something called thermoseal (I think) I got it from Craft Creations and it's a transparent film that you can cut to size place over your design and iron on to protect your work. I haven't tried it yet!!! Don't like getting my iron out too often!{grin] From what I remember you can use it for embroidery, cross is suppose to give a clearer more natural finish than say, using a peel-off would.

Craft sites....Do Crafts is a good basic one to start with, covers a nice variety of sytles and techniques.

Whizzz Sun 17-Apr-05 10:27:06

Thanks Dingle. I saw the transfer type designs but preferred to try & do the real thing if it was possible. I'm going to start trying to look out for bits & pieces to use. I'll check out that website too.

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