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Cheap Sizzix Machine [grin]

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cheekychops03 Sat 16-Apr-05 22:28:08

Found a sizzix machine for £37.95 on ebay (buy it now option). Go to ebay sellers and look up 6Cutting Edge Crafts^

cheekychops03 Sat 16-Apr-05 22:28:44

Perhaps I meant to write ^Cutting Edge Crafts^

cheekychops03 Sat 16-Apr-05 22:29:12

Oh I give up!!!! Time for bed obviously.

Jayzmummy Sat 16-Apr-05 22:29:28

I just posted about that on the other thread!!!!!!

Are we persuading Dingle to indulge?????

nah....she doent need persuading

cheekychops03 Sat 16-Apr-05 22:30:19

Go for it Dingle.....

You know you want to!!!!

Dingle Sat 16-Apr-05 22:36:55

I have to get one now!!! Otherwise I would have wasted money buying the dies!!

Jayzmummy Sat 16-Apr-05 22:38:34

Dingle trots off to card in hand...what a happy bunny.

Dingle Fri 22-Apr-05 22:00:18

I have done it!!! I have at long last sat down and worked out what dies to buy with the sizzix off of ebay!!!!!

I have ordered a key,hearts,car front, stars, flower power, bitty body, PJs & bear,hammer & nails & scalloped tag combo!

I've got to finish a few bits and bobs this weekend so that I can spend my spare time next week playing as soon as it arrives!!!

Jayzmummy Fri 22-Apr-05 22:47:24

Hip hip'll wonder what you ever did with out it!!!!

Yorkiegirl Fri 22-Apr-05 22:55:27

Message withdrawn

champs Sat 23-Apr-05 02:04:37

aghhhhhhh dingle!! you will love it I am going to buy a few more dies next month I feel a new addiction coming on!!

Dingle Sat 23-Apr-05 08:24:59

I've told myself that I will buy no more than one each month!! But I did order 9 dies, and I already have 1 and the convertor and an embossing folder.

Was thinking of making some handmade paper to use with it!!!!

Jayzmummy Sat 23-Apr-05 09:34:05

There is a guy on ebay selling 4 dies for £ can choose the dies you want!!!!!
Check it deal around that I have found so far....even cheaper than buying from america!!!


Dingle Sat 23-Apr-05 09:45:35

Ooo.JM...can you give me the details please!! Not that I will buy anymore this month , of course! We are trying to sort out finances, to see if at some stage we could get the extension built!!!dd really needs a bigger room!

SoupDragon Sat 23-Apr-05 12:45:53

I've been tempted by the £37.95 ones from Ebay but Essbee says I can borrow hers

champs Sat 23-Apr-05 16:01:43

JM -- 4 dies for £17 drool drool, ebay here i come... have you brought from him before?

Dingle Sat 23-Apr-05 16:05:08

Where do you normally get yours from Champs? I thought Cheapdies were a good price taking the postage into consideration, but it just doesn't really compare with ebay does it!!

SoupDragon Sat 23-Apr-05 16:06:21

There's one user selling loads including a number of sets of die syou can choose your own from. 4 small for, I think, £14.95 + £3.

SoupDragon Sat 23-Apr-05 16:06:55

Also selling assorted alphabets for around £50 plus P&P....

Dingle Sat 23-Apr-05 16:21:58 must not look, not yet anyway. The blasted machine hasn't even been delivered yet! I've got to wait until Tuesday at the earliest!! I had better see how I get on with it first!!

I've been thinking of shrink plastic!! I love working with felt, how well does it cut that then?

Jayzmummy Sat 23-Apr-05 17:08:20

Cuts felt fine...and shrink plastic....the uses of the sizzix are endless!!!

The guy off ebay is fine...have bought from him quite a few times and had no problems.Most definately the cheapset dies around that I can find.

champs Sat 23-Apr-05 17:13:05

dingle, I brought alphabet from craftbug from the craft show with sizzix and convertor pack. brought others from cheapdies.
I have a savers card with CB but only remembered that after i ordered from CD!! oh well....

the ebay dealer seems very tempting, do you know if it is any size dies?

champs Sat 23-Apr-05 17:17:43

ty JM!! please can I be rude and ask for a link. searching ebay for sizzix is very long!! comes up with dies and diecuts and also with ads that say not sizzix or even people who just put sizzix in the tittle just to get you looking and it's not even sizzix!!!!

SoupDragon Sat 23-Apr-05 18:35:41

The one I was looking at was this seller. they're selling loads.

Jayzmummy Sat 23-Apr-05 18:52:31

Thats the one...look for trvladdict...he's very competitive....dont go for the buy it get them even cheaper. If you fail to win the bid....wait a while because he emails you with a second chance offer and its always less than the buy it now price....great selection of dies are on offer from this guy...bloody hell I sound like his PR manager!!!!

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