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Glueing, Sticking and Tearing

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suedonim Sat 16-Apr-05 20:57:26

I've started making cards quite recently and was wondering what people use for sticking and glueing. I've used Pritt Stick to glue paper onto card but it sometimes wrinkles the paper if it's very thin. What would you use to stick tissue to card, for instance? And ribbon to card? How do you attach sequins or other objects? I've used glue dots but wonder if there's a better way.

My other Q is about tearing papers. When I've tried to tear fancy paper, or even tissue, it tears okay in one direction but is hard to tear in the opposite. Is there a trick I don't yet know about?

Dingle Sat 16-Apr-05 21:32:13

Try tearing you paper after wetting with a small paintbrush. This works really well with something like mulberry paper leaving a lovely "fluffy" edge. You can also try tearing against a ruler, either straight or with a deckle edge to give a different effect.

As for glues,I tend to stick to(pardon the pun!) PVA- great for sticking on felt, embellishments, thicker ribbons. I love my double sided tape and use that for inserts, layering and even sticking some mulberry papers. With the lighter shades of mulberry paper it can show through so I have invested in a spray mount, but not tried it yet. Otherwise consider trying brads to hold paper in place or punching holes and threading ribbons.

Sorry, I could chat forever about crafts!

cheekychops03 Sat 16-Apr-05 22:31:47

Sticky dots tend to be quite good. I use all sorts though - sticky dots, glue dots, xyron stuff. I think I drive my husband up the wall with all the stuff I buy and use!

layla Sun 17-Apr-05 12:04:49

Hi Suedonim,be careful it's seriously addictive
I use mini glue dots to stick gems and metal words on.I love the hi tack double sided tape you can get from Lakeland it's stronger than normal double sided tape so I use it for sticking card or paper down which maybe has a brad in it.And for sticking foil down.I use UHU gel glue for paper as it's not as wet as PVA.And for sticking ribbon on.Otherwise I just like double sided tape.Thanks for your comments on our cards and wouldn't it be great if you could join us on there with your cards.

suedonim Sun 17-Apr-05 13:49:29

Lots of tips - thank you everyone! What are brads? I haven't come across those. I shall look out for UHU gel glue and spray mount. I don't know about putting stuff on your website, Layla, I'm sure my efforts would be too amateurish.

Dd2 and I made some basic Easter cards with ready-made stick-ons and people do seem to appreciate our efforts, as we had nice comments from several folks about them. No one ever comments on a shop-bought card, do they?

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