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Free dolls clothes patterns anywhere online? 15 and 17 inch dolls.

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Lmccrean Tue 03-Mar-09 20:58:59

A tshirt pattern and trousers. Ive tried making them up and tinkering with them but they all look rubbish. Preemie patterns arent working either.

On plus side Ive managed a dungaree type dress for the girl doll, and all else failing, ill make another one for the second doll, even if it is a boy doll...

Any help would be appreciated - Im going round in circles searching on google. Would buy a pattern off ebay or whatever but time is an issue.

Macdog Wed 04-Mar-09 19:56:58

been hunting online for you - have discovered strange new worlds hmm

No luck , so a big BUMP

Macdog Wed 04-Mar-09 20:06:36


gigglewitch Wed 04-Mar-09 20:17:15

ooh. have tried the S3886 15 inch Doll Clothes Simplicity Pattern, but as you say time is an issue, presumably that's no help hmm you can see it towards the bottom of this page

is there anything here?

gigglewitch Wed 04-Mar-09 20:20:17

have you tried your nearest library - armed with greaseproof and a selection of pencils wink

DutchOma Wed 04-Mar-09 21:12:15

I have a pile of knitting patterns for dolls, but how to get them to you? And how would I know what you really wanted?

Lmccrean Wed 04-Mar-09 22:58:05

Thanks everyone! I fashioned leggings from an old pair of dds tights and put the dungaree dress as the tshirt and it looked pretty good

I do need to make a tshirt / long sleeved top as they are soft bodied dolls for a tots group so will get v manky quickly - better the washable clothes than the actual doll! Tots was this morning, so Ive now another 6 days to get organised!

DutchOma - unfortunately, Im not even capable of knitting a square...actually, I cant do more than 7 stitches the same size! (I have tried...lots!) I appreciate your offer though!

MacDog - by strange new worlds you mean all the women obsessed with dressing their "American Girl" dolls? That stuff worried me in a reborn baby/doll sort of way! The dress is lovely and I think Ill try that at some stage

Gigglewitch, Ive searched local library, but they have 7 sewing books and all about soft furnishings! Its a small library though. The simplicity pattern is exactly what Im looking for! What sort of doll did you make it for? Ill have a look at the other link you posted, and if I dont see anything, Ill be ordering the one you said.

gigglewitch Thu 05-Mar-09 18:20:57

it all sounds lovely, well done you smile

The one i did was for dolly-mad 3yo DD's baby doll from toys r us, they want a fortune for clothes in there and I make all sorts for her instead, I began with just cutting round the stuff that the doll was already wearing, then a couple of skirts (easy) then decided to try doing it 'properly' with the pattern version grin Yes I am insane wink

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