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Sewing machine help

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burstingbug Sun 01-Mar-09 15:36:47

I have an old Sapphire by Jones 126-3 machine.
I am trying to find instructions/manual on how to use it.
I'm also interested to know the age of it as it has been passed down to me.
It looks like this one on gumtree here

burstingbug Sun 01-Mar-09 21:59:14


ARAG Sun 01-Mar-09 22:10:00

Good luck, bursting.... I can't help you at all, but I wanted to encourage you in a most worthy search!

Washersaurus Sun 01-Mar-09 22:11:18


burstingbug Sun 01-Mar-09 22:29:50

Thanks Arag.
Washer, thanks for the link, doesn't look like it's on there.

Washersaurus Sun 01-Mar-09 22:44:40

Oh well, sorry. You could try contacting Brother directly as they actually moved into the Jones factory in Manchester when they took it over. They should have some archives to help you...(if they are nice people that is grin)

burstingbug Sun 01-Mar-09 22:50:10

Thanks Washer, will look in to that.

Washersaurus Sun 01-Mar-09 22:58:04

Well, do let us know how you get on - DH thinks I'm mad sat here randomly searching for old sewing machines grin

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