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need ideas for mothers day presents/gifts to make and post

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zanz1bar Mon 23-Feb-09 19:16:05

We have a complicated modern family with lots of step mothers/grandmothers/girlfriends/significant others.Dh now redundant, so no easy interflora this year.

What can i(pretending to be the dc) make that can be posted?

samsonara Mon 23-Feb-09 19:31:20

If you have you got any poundshops or cheap markets near you look out for a set of wooden picture frames with the plastic clear bit making it lighter and safer to post. You can buy some quick dry pollyfilla, paste some on the edges and then attach things like glass pebbles, dried flowers ( again from these shops) and then stick in a recent photo and you have a lovely customised present. You don't have to use the poly filla you can ofcourse glue but I fnd that it holds well and you can draw lines and indentations into it. I did something similar as a student, I used sea shells and glass nuggets.

zanz1bar Tue 24-Feb-09 10:56:52

thanks for the pollyfilla tip samsonara.

doormat Wed 25-Feb-09 07:54:26

how about a handmade personlised mini scrapbook, with photos of yourselves and if they are into gardening etc, add a packet of seeds in a pocket inside the scrapbook
or a handmade recipe book if they like cooking
a handmade stationary set if they like writing

all very easy to make, just google

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