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anyone know

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jayzmummy Sun 10-Apr-05 15:52:52

where can I get the following.......

garden fence stamp
small star brads
half moon stamp
pants stamp
peacock feathers

Have had a couple of orders off friends with very specific requests....having spent nearly all morning trying to find the above I have now givem up because I want to make some cards!!!!!!!

Dingle Sun 10-Apr-05 15:56:15

What colour star brads JM?

Yorkiegirl Sun 10-Apr-05 15:56:20

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Sun 10-Apr-05 15:57:56

Message withdrawn

jayzmummy Sun 10-Apr-05 18:13:52

Silver star brads are what I am looking for.
Thanks for the link YG.....but I want Y fronts!!!!

Yorkiegirl Sun 10-Apr-05 18:14:27

Message withdrawn

Dingle Sun 10-Apr-05 18:49:28

Panduro do silver star brads. But they are 50p for a pack of 12 and 14mm!! ..and peacock feathers £1.85 for 3, approx 35cms long.

Anita's do a smiling moon and a man in the moon, have ref numbers but don't know if they are Anita's references or the sellers. If you want a look I can scan in the page and email to you.

When do you need these for? I am sure I have seen some pants and a fence somewhere. Was thinking of doing some "pants" myself after the challenge conversation!

Dior Sun 10-Apr-05 19:56:38

Message withdrawn

jayzmummy Sun 10-Apr-05 20:19:31

Thanks Dior....boxers will do fine.....although my friend did want y fronts I really dont think
Ii will find a stamp!!!! May just draw them free hand if she is adamant about y fronts!!!!

Have managed to get some peacock feathers....from a friends gran!!!

Its the garden fence I think I will struggle with.....might just have to think of an alternative....have made one once before using matchsticks and lollipop sticks.

Dior Sun 10-Apr-05 20:35:59

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Sun 10-Apr-05 21:00:29

Would these do as your fence?

AuntyQuated Sun 10-Apr-05 21:17:44

have you tried Microsoft clipart site? doubt they'll have y-fronts but they#ll have sa fence i think

SoupDragon Sun 10-Apr-05 21:25:18

They do have Y fronts!

jayzmummy Sun 10-Apr-05 22:50:46

Dior, I bought some mags today....chatting with another MN crafter we were going to compare the differnt cards in them....only problem was the mags I bought today were Feb's issue!!!! Joys of living in the outback....everything is soooooo behind!!!!
If I wait for Mays edition I may have the stamp by Xmas!!!!!!

Dior Mon 11-Apr-05 21:00:09

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Tue 12-Apr-05 15:37:58

Aren't Y fronts easy to cut out of paper if you only want a few pairs?

Dingle Tue 12-Apr-05 16:12:14

How about drawing them freehand on shrink plastic.

SoupDragon Tue 12-Apr-05 22:49:22

Modelling them from Fimo?

Dingle Wed 13-Apr-05 09:15:03

You could make a little string vest too, out of something like a washing tablet bag!

SoupDragon Wed 13-Apr-05 09:42:26

Wash a real pair on a very hot wash so they shrink??

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