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Can anyone make me a cot bed duvet cover?

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justneedsomesleep Fri 06-Feb-09 00:53:53

I'm finlly getting around to doing something with ds room and decided on a cowboy theme. He's still in a cotbed and looking at the price of duvet sets with a cowboy 'theme' is ridiculous!shock

I ahve no idea how to make a duvet but was wondering can anyone on here do it and I will supply the material?

Or advise me where i can get cowboy themed bedding and accessories cheaply?

KingCanuteIAm Fri 06-Feb-09 01:04:33

I think a cot duvet is the same length as a single duvet is wide IYSWIM. Could you get a cheap single and alter it?

Otherwise, how about a plain cot bed cover and sew on some cloth cowboy patches?

vInTaGeVioLeT Sat 07-Feb-09 01:22:35

you need dizzyday - i'll give her a shout! grin

shirleybradshaw Sat 07-Feb-09 01:34:44

ebay all the way -

see here

dizzyday07 Mon 09-Feb-09 19:51:14

I can make you one if you find fabric you like

Disenchanted3 Mon 09-Feb-09 19:59:50



oops caps blush

i have a cowboy duvet/throw, a cowboy rug, a gingham washing bag to match and 2 hand painted cowboy pics,

i think i have bunting too ..

hand paintings and bunting


oh i have curtains too - hand made

the duvet isnt there as its a cot one and DS was in our room at that point, can take pics if your interested


gigglewitch Mon 09-Feb-09 20:05:14

am in the middle of making a cover - well several in fact, for DD. Started it last night, plan to have all three finished this eve (if i ever get off here, that is)grin tis a doddle if you have a cotbed duvet, such as this from Dunelm

why not go for gingham, perhaps red or blue, so that it will co-ordinate but could be changed into whatever you want it to be as time goes on?

If you're still short of offers, I'm quite happy to run something up, as the others say, find the fabric you like!

Disenchanted3 Mon 09-Feb-09 20:05:34

sorry, rug

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