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Has anyone ever been to....

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cheekychops03 Thu 07-Apr-05 15:52:25

Toapz Crafts? Its in Lancashire and apparently its the place that Dawn Bibby owns. We're going to be near there at the weekend and I wondered if it was worth popping in?

MandM Fri 08-Apr-05 12:32:53


Just posted on the QVC Craft Day thread about Dawn's shop then saw this...spooky!
Yes, I live about 1 mile away and go there all the time. It's fab! It isn't actually a shop in it's own right, it's a concession within a big converted mill, Oswaldtwistle Mills. The whole place is well worth a visit although gets really busy at weekends, it sells everything fom homeware through to fabrics, clothes, candles, perfumes...etc. I think their website is Leave plenty of time, you'll be engrossed and if you're dh/dp isn't that way inclined buy him a newspaper and lock him in the car for the afternoon! There are two children's play areas which might come in handy as well, one inside (ball pools etc) and one outside.
The Topaz part of it probably isn't as big as everyone imagines but sells everything craft related that you can think of. It's a bit cramped together so you need to have plenty of time to be able to look through everything and make sure you have a basket or trolley ready, otherwise it gets really frustrating keep dropping bits all over!!! You need to make sure you look on all sides of the unit, you'll see what I mean when you get there, but all the peel-offs are on the outside front wall and all the bradz/punches/Quickkutz etc. are on the outside back wall. Also, there's loads 'outside' of the unit in part of the main floor and they have a second little bit that sells more 'children's ' craft type things, further along. Another good place to look for bits (especially the fancy buttons) is in the haberdashery/sewing concession near the 2nd cafe right at the back (not the tea room by the front door).
There are main tills at the exit but the Topaz stuff has to be paid for separately at their own tills. Also, VERY IMPORTANT!, Topaz do a reward scheme, but they don't offer it, you have to ask. Basically, you get a card and for every £5 you spend you get a stamp on it and once it's full (£120) you have £12 to spend in the shop! Make sure you ask them to start you a card before they start tilling up your goods.
Sorry this is extremely long winded but it's a bit of an overwhelming place that has just kept growing and growing and growing and if you don't know what you are looking for you will easily miss things and I wanted you to have the "full" experience!
Just being nosey now, but where are you actually visiting in Lancashire?

MandM Fri 08-Apr-05 12:35:53

I've probably put you off now looking at that rambling message I've just posted, but unbelievably I forgot something! You have picked a good weekend to go as it's Craft Demonstration Weekend on the 9th & 10th (sat/sun)...happy shopping!

cheekychops03 Sat 09-Apr-05 13:02:27

Hi there

I've been and its great! I could have spent hours and hours (and hundreds of pounds) there but we went a bit late in the day yesterday and needed to get the little one home. Saw Dawn as well and had a bit of a chat to her. She is such a lovely person. Might pop back tomorrow though! Thanks for all your top tips.
My parents live in Halifax and we're up visiting them at the mo but we have friends in Burnley so combined a trip to them along with a visit to Topaz. Now I know where it is, I think I may have to make a detour whenever we are up!
Thanks again.

MandM Mon 11-Apr-05 09:26:48

Hi Cheekychops

Only just seen this. Really, really glad you enjoyed it - but it can prove to be a very expensive shop to visit!!!
Am going to try and finish work as early as possible today so that I can dash back home and watch Dawn on the QVC CraftDay for the rest of the afternoon!

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