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Can't find green envelopes anywhere...?

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desperatehousewife Tue 05-Apr-05 09:56:16

I need 500 bright-ish, fresh green envelope with what must be a slightly unusual size (cos I can't find them anywhere) 128mm x 180mm

any ideas anyone?


Jayzmummy Tue 05-Apr-05 10:05:31

Try Ideal Envelopes.....will attempt AGAIN to do a link....will somebody please tell me how to do a link!!!!!

Miaou Tue 05-Apr-05 10:06:22

DH have you tried Craft Creations? They have a website.

Jayzmummy Tue 05-Apr-05 10:06:43

hunkermunker Tue 05-Apr-05 10:08:03

Jayzmummy, how did you post with no text at all?!

Jayzmummy Tue 05-Apr-05 10:08:34

Ummmmmmm put all the deatils in and then nothing appeared!!!!!!!

Ideal have green envelopes and are very reasonable....possibly the cheapest around for decent quality.


Jayzmummy Tue 05-Apr-05 10:09:05

and still no bloody link!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayzmummy Tue 05-Apr-05 10:10:57

Jayzmummy Tue 05-Apr-05 10:11:28

What like that.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miaou Tue 05-Apr-05 10:11:35

Jayzmummy - instructions for doing a link:

1. Find the website/page you want to create a link for.
2. Highlight and copy the bit in the top that gives you the page details (eg for this one it starts http://www.mumsnet etc)
3. Come back to this thread and go to Add a Message.
4. type \link{ then paste in your web link, but don't leave a space. At the end of the web link, type \hello} but swap the word hello for whatever you want it to say, eg this is the page.
5. Make sure you don't leave spaces, except when you get to the hello bit, when you can leave spaces in your description.

hunkermunker Tue 05-Apr-05 10:12:05

You've done the first bit right, just put another \ then write what you want the link to say after the and before the last } Does that make sense?

Jayzmummy Tue 05-Apr-05 10:19:21

envelopes here

If that doesnt work......I'll scream!!!!!!

Jayzmummy Tue 05-Apr-05 10:19:53

Thanks I'll be linking all the time!!!!!!!!

hunkermunker Tue 05-Apr-05 10:21:42


desperatehousewife Tue 05-Apr-05 10:31:51

thanks you lot - glad i know how to do a link too! Sadly, they don't do my size. Aaaaarghhhh - can't get them anywhere - can't belive they are that unusual though. Grrrr

hunkermunker Tue 05-Apr-05 10:33:27

I think 7x5 envelopes are a tiny bit bigger than you want - would you have more success looking for that size?

jampots Tue 05-Apr-05 10:35:18

what about trying papermill or whatever its called (the shop/stall that sells paper by the box and in loads of colours) Im sure it must do envelopes to match.

desperatehousewife Tue 05-Apr-05 10:45:38

Tried all your suggestions - thanks everyone. NO luck - the only 7x5s i could find are ivory...sob...sniffle.

hunkermunker Tue 05-Apr-05 10:48:34

How about here?

desperatehousewife Tue 05-Apr-05 10:53:53

Hunker - thanks - great website that one, but they only do the standard sizes - C4/5/6. My sizes fall outside of these. Hmmmmm....bit stumped really.

hunkermunker Tue 05-Apr-05 11:09:24

They do 133x185 which isn't far out of what you wanted? Look here

Dingle Tue 05-Apr-05 13:25:32

Great choice of colours there but have you seen the handling charge! OK if you buy in bulk.

desperatehousewife Tue 05-Apr-05 13:53:39

those extra mm make a lot of difference I already have my greetings cards printed up and the cellophane bought.

darlingbud Tue 05-Apr-05 18:03:54

try here:


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