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How do I make small rosettes for a party??

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andyrobo237 Sun 18-Jan-09 07:54:42

Or can anyone do some or link to some I can buy??!! grin

It is for a horse themed birthday party, and I need about 20 in a various horsey colours to use as prizes for the games!

I can see big ancy proper ones on the internet, but just want some small ones, or even stickers / peel offs?? Size of around 2 inches.

Any ideas - needs to be cheap!

Pixiefish Sun 18-Jan-09 08:28:03

get some ribbon. Stitch down one side only and then pull it tight. Stitch it closed and then cut the thread. Get yourself a piece of cardboard cut into a circle- maybe an old cereal box. paint or cover with ribbon. Write wahtever you want on it and stick it in the middle.

andyrobo237 Sun 18-Jan-09 10:40:26

pixiefish - sounds easy! Will have a go at that - thanks!

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