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Crocheting a baby shawl - HELP!

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wangle99 Sat 02-Apr-05 12:28:03

Hi ladies

I am attempting to crochet something properly - can do all the stitches and it is a fairly easy pattern anyway.

My question is - it is a round shawl and I am on the 5th 'round'. There appears to be more material now (not sure to describe this!) and it won't lie completely flat - it's almost as if it has pleats! Will this even out as it grows? The picture on the pattern it does seem to lie flat.

Thank you anyone!

Sarah x

Amanda3266 Sat 02-Apr-05 14:27:29

Not too sure about this as I'm not a brilliant person with a crochet hook - can just about do simple stitches. However, having done a couple of baby shawls I seem to recall that it was like this with mine but was much less noticable when I'd finished.

alux Sat 02-Apr-05 15:10:31

If it has 'pleats' it may be that you are putting in additional stitches somewhere or the tension is too loose.

wangle99 Sat 02-Apr-05 17:03:55

Mmm definately not adding stitches (apart from where I'm meant to!) Could well be a tension issue. I will take a photo later and perhaps you would be kind enough to have a look for me and give your opinion.



alux Sat 02-Apr-05 18:46:34

Sure, I'll have a look but can't promise anything. I remember that when I was just starting out it would do that too. One other problem was that I did not know how to properly do the final stitch in the round. That also made it pleat. Mark off the final stitch with a bit of coloured thread to have a look at it.

wangle99 Sat 02-Apr-05 19:57:23

Right, I have got a picture, you can see it here.... (apologies I could not get the clickable link right)

Any insight greatly appreciated!



wangle99 Sat 02-Apr-05 21:44:15

Erm I was reading the pattern wrong. Doh!

Thanks for your help anyway.


alux Sun 03-Apr-05 04:14:20

It happens! I've done that too!

Still having a look to see what you are making.

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