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Craft fair

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batgirl Thu 15-Jan-09 15:22:05

I am organising a craft fair, it seemed like a good idea, until I realised how out of touch I am! Can anyone please give some ideas as to how I can find potential stall holders? Many thanks!

SpacePuppy Thu 15-Jan-09 15:29:09

Advertise in local magazines and news papers. Depending on how big your event is potential stall holders might want to know how big their area would be, if tables are available, sales points, security if it is more than one day etc. do you take a percentage of sales etc.

Look at the Crafts councils website, they have a database of makers usually categorised to area so you could send out an email or even a direct mail shot.

Hope this will get you started.

batgirl Thu 15-Jan-09 16:52:27

Thank you - that is helpful.

skramblenotdieting Thu 15-Jan-09 18:52:56

I would take a set price per stall, perhaps different prices for different size pitches. Doing a percentage relies on honesty and stall holders having to work out sales there and then and giving you the cash after.

I would ask for cash up front to secure a pitch, no cash then no guarentee of a pitch.

Word of mouth is a great thing when it comes to these things so just keep telling everyone you know about it, small posters in local newsagents and libraries will be cheap or free to put up.

Track down local craft groups and tell them all about it too.

You will have to decide if you are charging an entrance price too, to help cover your costs or if the pitch hires will be enough, also if you will have tea/ coffee area.

batgirl Thu 15-Jan-09 23:33:39

Thanks Skramblenotdieting, that's all good advice, though I'm happy on the admin side - I have organised fairs before & used to be a regular seller - just realised that all my contacts are waaay out of date & I don't know how to track down new stall holders!!

vInTaGeVioLeT Fri 16-Jan-09 00:33:35

batgirl - have you had a look on crafter...oo? lots of people on there sell their crafts - where will your fair be?

batgirl Fri 16-Jan-09 13:20:58

Thank you, I'll have a look there.

It's in Reading in Berks

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