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how expensive is card making?

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helsi Thu 31-Mar-05 11:44:26

I have wanted to start making home made cards and have got a small selection of things to start me off. my question is - how expensive does it get? What things will I need to start me off properly? Where do you buy your stuff from at reasonable prices?

Dingle Thu 31-Mar-05 12:12:39

Depending on what you use, the price varies enormously. You can start off with a few basics and keep the cost low, or want all the new gadgets and spend a fortune!

If you think of the cost of going out and buying all your cards throughout the year, that helps to justify the initial cost.

I tend to make up most of my card stock now, buying in the card and folding it myself. I've paid out about £16 for a board that helps to speed the process up, and give a better finish to the fold. Again the outlay seemed extreme but the money I will save in folding my own will eventually pay for it.

One of my favs is Craft Creations
you can get a free catalogue sent to you, and although their stock it faily basic, they have everything you need to get up and running.

CAT me is you want any help.

AuntyQuated Thu 31-Mar-05 12:15:12

should we really tell her the truth, dingle?

Jayzmummy Thu 31-Mar-05 12:30:44

Message withdrawn

champs Thu 31-Mar-05 17:04:52

no aq!! may frighten her

seriously tho, if you start off small and then add bits and pieces then it wont be too expensive.

you only really need some cards and card stock, glue or double sided tape, scissors, and a few bits like stickers or ribbon etc that you want to add to the cards and maybe a couple of stamps and ink.
as you continue you may wish to get some punches, a craft knife and self healing mat, more stamps, some embossing powder, a heat gun, glitter, an embossing tool and stencils and some more embelishments (stuff you use to decorate cards).
to take things further you may then get some craft chalk, a trimmer, some eyelets and eyelet hammer, a bone folder or one of the folding boards that dingle mentions- there's a few around, a light box for dry embossing, mre punches or even one of the die cutting machines like a sizzix ( anarak and jayzmummy).....

then, if you're like me, you see things you just have to have and add it to your collection

to keep costs down you could buy card and fold it yourself and also get unmounted stamps.

look around before purchasing as prices can vary alot.....

right have rambled on enuff, who says I'm addicted to crafting

Dingle Thu 31-Mar-05 17:08:58

....yes, unfortunately it doesn't NEED to be expensive, but it is because you just get so addicted to it!
I don't think it is something you could ever get bored with, there is always something new to try out.....and loads of goodies that you simply MUST have.

helsi Thu 31-Mar-05 19:16:14

Have got Lakeland catalogue and when I priced up the things I need (ok want!) I will be spending about £65. Is that expensive? I have included some ready folded cards (want to have a go at some first), a craft mat, some tweezers, some toppers and some other bits and bobs such as peel offs etc.

Dingle Thu 31-Mar-05 19:20:06

I know that someone mentioned a site the other day, Jill crafts! Peel-offs are on 50p and free P & P on orders over £5.

helsi Thu 31-Mar-05 19:21:05

Dingle is that a website?

Dingle Thu 31-Mar-05 19:22:59

Yes, hold on and I'll try to find the link for for.

AuntyQuated Thu 31-Mar-05 19:23:26

craftmats are cheapest in The Book Depot...have you got one close by. you get a mat, 2 knives and some scissors gor under a tenner

Dingle Thu 31-Mar-05 19:24:31

Jill Craft

helsi Thu 31-Mar-05 19:24:34

Yes I think there is a book depot near us.

AuntyQuated Thu 31-Mar-05 19:26:16

did you look in the bargain bit of lakeland? they sometimes have some good stuff.

whereabouts are you?

Dior Thu 31-Mar-05 19:53:13

Message withdrawn

helsi Thu 31-Mar-05 20:08:10

Just bought some things from Jill Craft - thanks Dingle. AQ I am in Leeds.

Dingle Thu 31-Mar-05 20:11:27

Being nosy,,,what did you get? I've been flicking backwards and forwards there . I loved a few items, but haven't had a proper look yet.

Dingle Thu 31-Mar-05 20:14:11

Oh dear, my typing has never been good but now some letters on my keyboard seem to be playing up! s/b nosEy.

helsi Thu 31-Mar-05 20:30:26

Just bought some Peel offs at 50p per sheet in gold and silver, a bumper pack of cards and envelopes and some fancy scissors. I thought that would be ok to start off with. Bought a small starter kit from ebay with some stuff in to decorate so will have a go when this lot comes. Want to make mum and dad a new home card. Any ideas anyone?

aism Thu 31-Mar-05 22:29:47

YOu can get some better deals abroad sometimes because of the strong Sterling.

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