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Please talk to me about wedding invitations!! Please??? I'm going to buy everything I need today!

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LoveMyGirls Sat 10-Jan-09 10:03:36

So far I have got......

a glue gun
some silver wedding invitation stickers
plain ivory, pre folded cards and envelopes
some blue and brown pretty card (was going to use it as a background for our photo but we haven't had a decent picture done of us and I'm hormonal and spotty so now is not a good time although i guess we could air brush them or something)
A poem in mind to put on the front

I know I need to get some thin paper to print and stick in the inside (am I better to fold it and stick or cut into 4 and stick it to one side ?

Has anyone got idea's for anything else I will need or idea's how I can put it together?

Any help is mcuh appreciated


Dingle Sat 10-Jan-09 13:01:44

I like to stick my inserts in with some double sided tape. Personally I print out, fold, cut to size and stick using a strip of DS tape near the back edge of the folded card.

Hope that helps a little.

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