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Bubble solution?

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sahara Tue 29-Mar-05 15:10:10

Just bought some battery powered Bubble guns. And they are using the bubble solution so quickly. Wait , yep they have just finished it. great now my peace is shattered. Anybody know the exact mix to make bubble solution myself?

wobblyknicks Tue 29-Mar-05 15:11:04

I just put loads of washing up liquid with water - no exact quantities but just a lot more than for washing up!

sahara Tue 29-Mar-05 15:17:22

what like half and half?

suzywong Tue 29-Mar-05 15:18:32

there's liquid glycerine in it somewhere

sahara Tue 29-Mar-05 15:20:48

Liquid Glycerine?
Is that something I can buy?

Sponge Tue 29-Mar-05 15:23:41

Try about 4:1 washing up liquid to water. If that's too weak you can always put a bit more in but if you make it too strong you've wasted tons of fairy liquid.

suzywong Tue 29-Mar-05 15:25:36

yes at the chemist

sahara Tue 29-Mar-05 15:27:47

Thanks will do

suzywong Tue 29-Mar-05 15:29:29

but don't confuse it with nitro glycerine

wobblyknicks Tue 29-Mar-05 19:18:35

sorry, had to go off, usually do about 1:4 or 1:5 washing up liquid, works quite well.

SoupDragon Tue 29-Mar-05 21:46:54

Glycerine gives the bubbles more stability apparently.

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