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Anybody got simple ideas for thankyou cards from 5 &4 year olds?

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MilaMae Mon 29-Dec-08 20:24:17

Thanks smile

apuppydaviesisforlife Mon 29-Dec-08 20:26:02

"thankyou" stamp, glitter and glue, sorted

apuppydaviesisforlife Mon 29-Dec-08 20:26:04

"thankyou" stamp, glitter and glue, sorted

apuppydaviesisforlife Mon 29-Dec-08 20:26:16


Hulababy Mon 29-Dec-08 20:26:28

For Christmas presents?

Photo of said child/ren on one side (stick on card) and pretyped message with space to add names on other?

This is pretty much what 6y DD will eb doing this year. Have taken photo of her at her new paino (christmas pressie) in her Christmas dress and using that this year. She ca add message to reverse.

Pinkranger Mon 29-Dec-08 20:26:50

i Put some bright colour paper in the printer and write a standard letter, used to get DS1 to write his name at the bottom and then he would draw a picture on it somewhere but now he is bigger, i still do a VERY basic template and he puts in most of the writing.

Dottoressa Mon 29-Dec-08 20:28:53

I am a cruel mummy. DS (6) will write individual letters. DD (4) can make cards and write 'giver's name', 'thank you' and 'her name'!

If they don't write, the presents go back!!

Hulababy Mon 29-Dec-08 20:30:29

Depends on how many you have to do though. This year as we don;t have so much time I am helping DD make it easier. She will add some details herself - name, what gift and why she liked it (a sentence), and her own name. But we have quite a big family so this will take her long enough as it is.

treacletart Mon 29-Dec-08 20:46:23

Take a photo of them holding a big card with the words " Thank You" written on it - or even holding up a blank card you can write on when the photos printed out. I also ask DS (5) to write what he can and draw a picture of whatever he's been given.

Hulababy Mon 29-Dec-08 20:58:20

Infact I have just cheated right now - this thread reminded me to sort it. I have used Snapfsh and order a pack of 20 photocards. On front it is a photo of DD at piano (as said before). Next to it a messgae saying Thank you for my Christmas resent. Reverse is blank so DD can add personalised message herself.

£7.99 for 20 inc envelope, but currently 25% off with code HAPPYCARD

Dottoressa Mon 29-Dec-08 22:14:30

Hula - 'tis true about it partly depending on how many you have to do. I don't think the DCs have ever had to do more than ten each; this year, it will be more like four or five...

Hulababy Mon 29-Dec-08 22:22:48

DD has well over 20 to do if we do them all.

misshardbroom Tue 30-Dec-08 16:00:44

Aaarrgghhhh... cannot believe that about the Snapfish discount code - just ordered mine yesterday and even looked on the discount codes board to try and find one and failed!

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