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help needed after ruining belly cast

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Hther Sun 28-Dec-08 11:04:20

Any crafty experts can you help please?

Belly cast was fine til I decided to decorate it. I heard you sand it then strengthen it with gesso, then paint with acrylic paint.

The belly cast decoration kits said they included a sanding screen, i wasn't sure exactly what was that and din't know how rough a sandpaper to use so i bought a proper kit, probably a waste of money. Anyway the kit didn't have gesso but had some plaster you mix with water to strengthen it instead. Silly me, ignored the instructions and in my sleep deprived way of thinking was convinced it should be thick like polyfilla so i painted it on (with dificlty as it was so thick!). It then says to sand again with the finer sandpaper; i was about to so that then found cracks, tried to peel the plaster off completely where it is cracked and the bandage started to come away with it so I had to stop.

Do I leave it and hope it doesn't show when painted or is there anything else I can do? More plaster (made properly!)?

PuzzleRocks Mon 29-Dec-08 11:01:32


Hther Wed 31-Dec-08 18:36:21

thanks for bumping for me, bump again

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