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any way to repair moth holes?

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badaboombadaboom Fri 26-Dec-08 10:08:37

I've got a sweater dress with what I believe to be moth holes near the hem. I tried sewing the holes together with regular thread, but it a) looked awful, but more importantly, the stitching didnt hold through the wash. Its a fine knit washable merino.

can it be saved?

bigTillyMint Fri 26-Dec-08 10:32:41

I have saved a couple of cheap Tescos cashmere sweaters by darning - used regular thread as I didn't have anything elseblush

Doesn't look too bad - you have to be very careful with tiny stitches and kind of criss-cross the hole.

It's soooooooo annoying, isn't it?

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