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22 count Aida fabric - please help...especially Miaou!

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Dior Sat 26-Mar-05 21:49:22

Message withdrawn

suedonim Sat 26-Mar-05 22:14:33

I think it is hard to X-stitch over 22ct evenweave, Dior. There is a method of doing it, to do with the direction you make stitches, but I'm not au fait with the details, sorry.

Miaou Sat 26-Mar-05 23:02:37

Hi Dior, too busy waffling on another thread to spot my name!

I have to say I have never got on with 22 count, it's a bit of a funny size to work with. You can't work over two threads if you are making cards, your designs will end up being 11 count which is far too big.

Are you using a hoop to keep your fabric taut? This may help to stop the distortion.

I would also suggest using just one strand of embroidery thread rather than two. Stitch a sample block (using a hoop) of 10 x 10 stitches to see if that works.

Dior Sun 27-Mar-05 12:06:17

Message withdrawn

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