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Any Knitters/Crocheters in Aberdeen Scotland?

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DixiExpat Fri 25-Mar-05 11:37:56

Just curious.

Twiga Fri 25-Mar-05 11:48:27

Yeah, kind of - haven't knitted in ages but am expecting in August and just yesterday treated myself to a blanket pattern and jumper pattern in a bid to get back into the whole knitting thing. Venturing into the attic today to find my old stuff so I can brush up on how to get started etc.

DixiExpat Fri 25-Mar-05 12:20:25

Awww, congratulations.
I have been doing crochet for years but only started knitting in November.
There is a group of women that meet up in the city centre for a kip (knit in public).Its at the same place each time, usually on a Thursday night at least once and sometimes twice a month.
Another of the ladies in the group is expecting in August too.My daughter will be 2 in September.
Its great fun and motivating to get together and knit.Everyone is really nice and great fun,in fact I have enjoyed it so much I now consider it the high light of my social life. (sad?).
So...if you are ever interested in having a look at the groups web forum or attending a meet up let me know and I'll pass on the details. There are 40 members but 12-15 that go to the meetings on a regular basis, its in a comfy atmosphere and you can order drinks or snacks there as well.
Good luck with the baby gear...I am knitting a newborn cardi at the moment. I love that baby clothes are fairly quick to make.

Twiga Fri 25-Mar-05 12:48:28

Thanks DixiExpat - I'll keep it in mind, I'll have more time once I'm on mat leave in June and will hopefully be less rusty with my needles by then. Where abouts do you guys meet?

ja9 Fri 25-Mar-05 13:51:27


where does the group knit? cant believe i lived in aberdeen for 8 years and didnt know about this!!

DixiExpat Sat 26-Mar-05 13:31:27

We meet up at The Belmont Cafe (downstairs bar in the Belmont Cinema).
Its usually on a Thursday night...if you'd like I can post the link here (assuming thats ok with Mumsnet)and you can get the info at the yahoo groups page, there was a meet up last night, so there probably won't be another one until about 2 weeks from now, but its not impossbile to have them 2 weeks in a row if a lot of people were unable to make the most recent one.

DixiExpat Sat 26-Mar-05 13:32:23

I should add that the Cafe' has big comfy couches,its not smoky and you can order alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages of course.

Twiga Tue 29-Mar-05 15:32:53

Yes, please post the link - not a problem with this on mn as far as I know. Have made a good start on my jumper and am suprised at how quickly it's all coming back. Thinking I might manage to come along at some point sooner than June as am managing the knitting better than I expected after such a long break.

DixiExpat Thu 07-Apr-05 15:52:25

sorry Twiga, haven't been on here in several days.
Here's the link to the group, we are having a meet up tonight at 7pm.

Hope to see you there sometime, we are easy to find, we're the chicks with sticks.

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