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mogs0 Thu 18-Dec-08 21:00:17

I'm trying to print passport sized photos on my printer but not sure how I get them that small (from a 6x4). I need about 6 of them. When I've tried printing 6x4 prints I can only get one on an A4 page but would like to get the same print 6 times on one piece of paper. Does that make sense to anyone and is there anyone that can point me in the right direction?!

PortAndStilton Thu 18-Dec-08 21:09:11

Do you have Windows?

Select photos you want to print

Right-click -> Print -> (now it varies a bit depending on which version of Windows you have, but there will be a set of options to let you print "Full page" or a number of options including "Wallet" or "Contact sheet". And there's a box to specify the number of copies of each photo you want, so 6 in your case).

But it's possible that Wallet will be too big and Contact sheet too small for your needs. Do they need to be actually passport photo sized, or just small?

mogs0 Thu 18-Dec-08 21:45:15

Thanks for your reply. I had a nosy at the software that came with my printer and found just what I needed!! It was there all along, it was just hiding from me!!!

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