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Jaysmum Wed 23-Mar-05 22:32:30

So AQ....are you going to start this off?????

Dingle Thu 24-Mar-05 09:51:46

....please...can I join in again!

Jaysmum Thu 24-Mar-05 10:24:27

me to!!!!

Dior Thu 24-Mar-05 19:32:52

Message withdrawn

HUNKERMUNKER Thu 24-Mar-05 19:36:03

Ooh! This might be just what I need to get me making cards again

Yorkiegirl Thu 24-Mar-05 19:37:54

Message withdrawn

AuntyQuated Thu 24-Mar-05 19:48:50

hi all...will do the finer details later but basically
you make one card
you send everyhting that you used to make it to A N Other and see what they come up with using your 'goodies'

pootlepod Thu 24-Mar-05 19:54:08

I would like to join in if I may.

Punnet Thu 24-Mar-05 19:56:27

Can I join too please?

AuntyQuated Thu 24-Mar-05 19:59:25

so far we have;


champs Thu 24-Mar-05 20:36:49

AQ -- have finally got it to work where are all the "first I made" pics gone?

AuntyQuated Thu 24-Mar-05 21:06:55

champs, we decided to put them in the other album..."then i made" because if they went in the "first i made" one then it was harder to comapre the 2. i think you only put up your final one tho' and despite my best efforts i think it is still upside down. i did manage to turn it round but then it was tiny so i thought it bestter left downside up

AuntyQuated Thu 24-Mar-05 21:19:47

for the newbies - if you would like to see the cards from the last challenge then they are in the album here
you will need to sign in; use ID mumsnetter and the password netters
it may just give you some idea of ehat we did

Dingle Thu 24-Mar-05 21:37:56

Great...what are we going to do AQ?
You mentioned about sending the same goodies to 2 people this time. What about a theme are we keeping to a general card again or otherwise?

Oooh...I 've been online all night and my credit card is itching! I will pop into keep DH company for half an hour and then get back on here to buy some goodies!

champs Thu 24-Mar-05 23:16:04

hi all,
AQ I managed to turn it around and re upload it. I will move my first i did to the then i sent album

kkgirl Fri 25-Mar-05 11:42:56


I would like to join in again if its not too late.
I still haven't sorted our my photo of the first card I made, I have to rely on DH, am useless at all that, will try to do it soon though

AuntyQuated Fri 25-Mar-05 20:53:26

so now there's

and me

what about a male theme? i know it is ages away but we have fathers' day creeping up. so could be used for that or male b/day?

any other ideas?

Yorkiegirl Fri 25-Mar-05 20:54:24

Message withdrawn

AuntyQuated Fri 25-Mar-05 21:06:53

yes, that's true YG.
i have to admit i struggle with men's cards...maybe i will have to think again.

AuntyQuated Fri 25-Mar-05 21:28:19

Yg, i ahve just emailed you, but is it or

dh is on the bset PC so i haven't your address plus no MSN on this one

Punnet Fri 25-Mar-05 21:30:31

So how does this one work? Done two on Do-Crafts, but I don't think this is the same (variety is the spice of life!). Male cards? Thanks be for collage, that's what I say!

Dingle Fri 25-Mar-05 21:31:18

I really don't mind but a few other ideas of themes are needed, or otherwise keep it open again.

Some themes;

Birth congrats
* a cardmaking technique; stamping, embossing...
* the same type of materials; funky foam, hessian
* a floral card
* a 3D card, eg. a harmonica card rather than a 3D decoupage
* a new home card
* a wedding/anniversary card

It's tricky to do something like technique or even using the same type of materials as not everyone will have the equipment or supplies.

Sorry, not much help at all am I!

Yorkiegirl Fri 25-Mar-05 21:31:27

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Fri 25-Mar-05 21:32:20

Message withdrawn

Dingle Fri 25-Mar-05 21:33:38

Collage cards sound interesting Punnet...could you tell me more please?

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