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Hulababy Wed 23-Mar-05 21:33:46

It is a friend's DD's 5th birthday in a couple of weeks so I am looking for a birthday present from my DD to her. Looking to spend about £10 and as she loves art/craft type stuff I thought I would get her some stuff from here.

Getting very drawn in though and tempted to get DD some stuff too

I know it is all reasonably priced stuff anyway, but does anyone know any discount codes whilst I am at it?

Dingle Wed 23-Mar-05 21:56:23

About a week ago they had quite a lot of reductions online. I think it was stock from their old catalogue.

I got some great bargains, the connecting camel maths sets were reduced from about £40 to £20, I also treated myself to some lovely stickers for my cardmaking!

Sorry, I don't have any codes, it was just offers in their sale section!

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