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Does anyone have some material scraps that I can buy off of them?

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UnfortunatelyMe Sat 06-Dec-08 16:08:35

DD1 has asked for Xmas for some different material, all different colourshmm
Happy to pay.
They sell them on ebay, but in all similar style packs. Id like a mixture.

thisisyesterday Sat 06-Dec-08 16:12:07

yes, we've been sorting out my great aunt's house. she was a seamstress, so have tons of stuff.
would gladly send for postage. can you have CAT?

UnfortunatelyMe Sat 06-Dec-08 16:15:07

I think so, but not under this name, under charliecat...or I will just give you my email swop the hot MALE for mailgrin

DD will be over the moon and I will get brownie points.
Thanks ever so much.

thisisyesterday Sat 06-Dec-08 16:19:50

ok I will sort some stuff out, most of it is at my mums atm. I shall send it and then you can just paypal me the cost of postage?

UnfortunatelyMe Sat 06-Dec-08 16:21:03

That would be excellent, I really dont mind paying for it as well as the postage.
Thanks again and again and again

UnfortunatelyMe Mon 22-Dec-08 19:19:01

Thanks ever so much Yesterday, have emailed you for paypal address.

Thanks againa and again

FenLondon Fri 26-Dec-08 20:55:31

Do you want big pieces for sewing, or little pieces for collage? If the latter, check out - they sell "charm" packs of themed fabrics which are little 5" squares.

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