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For blossom2 and any other cross-stitchers

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Miaou Mon 21-Mar-05 12:10:27

Hello, blossom2 and any other cross-stitchers out there!

I am an experienced cross-stitcher and can help you with any advice you need, so please ask away!

(Not finished my website soon, but will be advertising it here when it is done!)

blossom2 Tue 22-Mar-05 19:30:24

Hey Miaou

thanks for this. my in-laws are looking for ideas on presents for my birthday (in may!!) so i thought of a book. But actually sometime from your website sounds better.

I'm giving up on my first cross-stitch because it's way too ambitionous for a beginner and i need something much simplier and a lot less colurs!!!

i've also got lots of thread from when i used to do chinese embrodiery - do you think i can still use them for cross-stitch??

Miaou Wed 23-Mar-05 10:02:39

What kind of thread is it, blossom? If it breaks down into strands as thin as embroidery thread and lies flat when you stitch with it, then yes you can use it - however you probably won't get a perfect colour match so would be better sticking with a pattern that didn't involve subtle colour changes. I'm all for using up odds and ends, though!

If you're looking for something small to do whilst you wait for me to get my arse in gear (), why not do a card or a small kit? There are some nice designs here but note that they are chart only. Possibly use your chinese threads to complete one of these?

This site , if you can get past the lousy site design, has some good starter kits too, and very reasonably priced.


blossom2 Wed 23-Mar-05 21:51:05

Hey Miaou

the Merry Heart designs look simple and therefore good!!! although can you explain what 'chart only' means. Does that mean i need to get the fabric as well as the threads??!?!

I can definitely use the chinse threads for cross-stitch!! good job really...

very cheesy site re: mouseloft!!!

Miaou Thu 24-Mar-05 14:16:24

Yes blossom, it does mean buying your own threads, fabric and needle too - best site for that is sewandso - even taking into account p&p it's probably no more expensive than buying the actual kit. Sewandso only charge postage at cost - they're a really good site too. Alternatively, if you tell me what you need I can probably sort it out for you and send it on - I carry a fair bit of stock!

blossom2 Sat 16-Apr-05 14:04:00

HI Miaou

How are you?? i took the plunge the other day and brought some fabric and a pattern with letters and nursery designs. used my old threads and i've made something with DD's name and date of birth!!! just don't know what to with it now!!

hows the website getting along?

Miaou Thu 21-Apr-05 18:00:47

Hello bloss, just seen this....

Website coming along, just too slowly for my liking - dh is not known for hurrying! We are nearly there, just waiting for some final images.

I am busy designing like mad, just done two Christmas ones (I know, I know, already) and am now designing a new series which I hope will be taken up by Derwentwater. LOVE my work

Your picture sounds lovely! Is it appliqued? If so, you could lightly pad it and put it in a frame without glass in. Or make it into a cushion for her bed (or sew it onto an existing cushion).

Enid Thu 21-Apr-05 18:17:39

thanks miaou, those merryheart ones are really nice.

I love these:

Jolly Red

Miaou Thu 21-Apr-05 18:37:02

Mmm, Enid, I like the Jolly Red stuff too, kind of like the "naive" look.

Am trying to develop my own distinctive "style" atm but seem to be going in lots of directions!

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