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What new crafty things can I get ds (5) for Xmas?

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MilaMae Mon 03-Nov-08 21:43:57

He's not into toys but loves craft stuff.

LadyPenelope Tue 04-Nov-08 02:31:41

We've got a wonderful collage collection with variety of stuff from ELC ... big block of coloured craft paper, glue, all sorts of cutting scissors, feathers, sequins, buttons, coloured lolly sticks, shiny paper etc. I bought it years ago and now just add to it as bits run out. It's great. My very crafty 7 year old uses it all the time and has done for last 3 years.

There are those science kits that you can get (make a car, rocket etc) which are a cross between science and craft which may appeal.

modelling clay?

Art attack book with loads of projects to do?

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