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If you have knitted/crocheted slippers....

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TooTIfYouAreScared Tue 28-Oct-08 14:57:57 do you stop them being slippery on the bottom ?

SheherazadetheGoat Tue 28-Oct-08 14:59:18

you attach a sole, your crohet slipper gotta have sole man.

ranting Tue 28-Oct-08 15:08:48

Elbow patches are your best friend, most happy shops do them

TooTIfYouAreScared Tue 28-Oct-08 16:06:08

Thanks smile

ranting Tue 28-Oct-08 16:09:44

Meant Habby shop!!

TooTIfYouAreScared Tue 28-Oct-08 21:51:13

Thanks [relieved]
I thought maybe you were referring to Happy Shopper but I felt too silly to ask blush

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