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Types of clay

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ACL Tue 28-Oct-08 14:45:58


My children have Theraputty to help them strengthen their hands as we are all hypermobile. The putty is yellow and can occasionally "pop!" with an air bubble. I have thought about adding little things to it to make it more interesting - eg hama beads to find. I would welcome any other ideas to make exercising more fun!

Also, it would help if they had a clay or dough which is firmer than soft stuff/playdough. What are your thoughts on:
- retro plasticine
- plastalina (as recommended by a craft shop)
- sculpey (again as above but a different shop)
- fimo
- salt dough
- Crayola Model Magic

My children are 4 and 10. I have ordered a book about making home made dough but ideas please for off the shelf dough etc would be great.

Do you paint the finished creations with Acrylic paint or can the standard ELC paint be OK?


southeastalien Tue 28-Oct-08 20:09:33

fimo is quite hard to get soft iirc, model magic is good, it's very pliable and lasts a while before drying

you can use normal felt pens on it too

ACL Wed 29-Oct-08 14:51:18

Thank you so much - I will find some Model Magic now. Great you can use felt tip pens too. Thank you for helping us. smile

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