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i appear to have inadvertently created a gorilla outfit for dd.....

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SheherazadetheGoat Mon 27-Oct-08 13:07:37

any idea on how to make it look more catlike? basically it is black fur but would like to make the tail curl but it is a floppy limp gorrilla turd atm.

madamy Mon 27-Oct-08 13:10:10

wire coathanger?

SheherazadetheGoat Mon 27-Oct-08 13:15:01

i thought of that and might still do it but have that scottish 80's woman shouting 'potential death trap' in my head

SheherazadetheGoat Mon 27-Oct-08 13:32:35

coat hanger does look good! thanks madamy.

now for the freaky gorilla cat head

madamy Mon 27-Oct-08 15:57:55

Oh good - I'm quite surprised at myself as I have absolutely no artistic or creative talent!

SheherazadetheGoat Mon 27-Oct-08 16:58:32

obviously you have a hidden talent for creating animal tails!

piratecat Mon 27-Oct-08 17:00:29

big white fluffy oval on the tummy? dd's has this.

SheherazadetheGoat Mon 27-Oct-08 17:03:47

thanks pirate cat, excellent idea, unless of course she puts it on back to front and then she looks like a silver back alpha gorilla.

piratecat Mon 27-Oct-08 17:07:02

or someone tries to fire a dart at her (target practice)

how you getting on with the face?? my dd's cat outfit is like a sleeveless top, with a hood. the face and ears are on top of the hood. she got it about 3 yrs ago, and wears it on any dressing up ocasion.


xmas cat
pirate cat
angel cat
six dinner sid


piratecat Mon 27-Oct-08 17:07:40

still pmsl @ gorilla

go you, i have never made anything!!

vInTaGeVioLeNcE Mon 27-Oct-08 17:23:55

pipecleaner whiskers? pink felt nose? collar with a bell? HTH!

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