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Child-made crafty wedding gifts?

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kiLLf Sat 25-Oct-08 18:36:01

We've a family wedding coming up in two weeks.

I'd like to 'include' the kids (esp the kids of the people involved) in preparing. I'm spending lots of time with them all anyway over half term week. We're talking preschoolers and primary schoolers here.

Does anyone have any ideas? A crafty gift from the kids... or some kind of decoration. Something eeeeeassyyy easy-peasy without to much fancy kit but lovely and special too.

Money's quite tight, but I'd like the day to feel special, esp for the kids.

nooOOOoonki Sat 25-Oct-08 18:42:19

As a pressie they could decorate a photo frame (poundland does cheap ones!)

and they could cut up rice paper to 'make confetti and make little paper baskets to hold it in, (or petals if you have any left in garden)

They could make 'jewellery' to wear

err will try harder to think of more!

kiLLf Sat 25-Oct-08 18:50:19

Oooh - perhaps they could do a photo album, ir guest book... where could I get cheapy plain ones to decprate? Poundland again, I guess

katylou25 Sat 25-Oct-08 19:53:58

IIRC wooden spoons are something to do with good luck for weddings (maybe google it!) could decorate some and tie with ribbon etc??

Or a horseshoe

SoupDragon Sat 25-Oct-08 19:57:50

If you do anything which is intended to be touched by the bride/groom, ensure it is waterproof and won't leak colour on everything.

elmoandella Sun 26-Oct-08 21:37:20

they could make their own little "favours" to give out to the other kids at wedding.

get some netting. cut it up. get some bits and pieces out of pound shop like tiny toy cars, penny sweets, stickers and get kids to fill them.

could always ask in bakers for some white paper cake bags. get kids to decorate them. fill them with cheap goodies. then seal fold over tops and seal them with wedding themed stickers.

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