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Dog shaped draft excluder pattern

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LeahBarnett Thu 28-Feb-13 14:54:38

Would it be possible to borrow your dog draught excluder pattern, if you still have it? smile

Poledra Thu 18-Nov-10 11:42:27

Don't bother. I have a sausage dog draught excluder. It doesn't work.

That may be because the DDs like to take it away and play with it, then leave it lying in random spots where there is no draught to exclude.

Rosy10 Thu 18-Nov-10 11:35:16

Here is the shop that sells the patterns...


GrimmaTheNome Tue 16-Nov-10 17:35:36

> Ask friend with dog to get dog to lie in front of draughty door.

believe me, a sausage dog will not willingly lie in a draught.
Mine lies above where the hot water pipes run grin

pipplin Tue 16-Nov-10 17:33:07

I'm making my pattern in a minute. I'm overly excited- my first project since DS was born 4 months ago.
I may even post a pic.
crushagrape thank you for inspiring me grin

Rosy10 Mon 15-Nov-10 20:10:42

Sod it (lol) just search for "Really Cute Sausage Dog Draught Excluder Pattern" in eBay. Glad I'm better at sewing than I am at posting... ) xxx

Rosy10 Tue 12-Oct-10 16:01:13

Sorry, try this one em=170547087472&ssPageNam%20e=STRK:MESELX:IT#ht_81 9wt_1059

Rosy10 Thu 30-Sep-10 11:20:34

That link is broken, try this one: em=170547087472&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT#ht_819wt _1057

Rosy10 Thu 30-Sep-10 10:01:17

Here is the pattern you are after: g-draught-excluder-pattern-/170547070123?pt=UK_Cra fts_SewingPatterns_EH&hash=item27b565c4ab#ht_819wt _1057


twoluvlykids Mon 27-Oct-08 21:13:50

I made a snake thing last year, dd called it Norris, and the dog lay on top of it, didn't seem to mind the draughty gap.

onFriday Mon 27-Oct-08 21:10:37

I've got this pattern that you are welocme to borrow

samja Fri 24-Oct-08 20:31:39

I got an old blanket from a charity shop, cut it to the right length along the shortest edge, rolled it up and sewed it. No need to stuff and its wool so keeps the draught out. You could stick ears and eyes etc on it.

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Thu 23-Oct-08 21:58:28

Even easier: Ask friend with dog to get dog to lie in front of draughty door.

Hathor Thu 23-Oct-08 21:56:10

Ask friend with dog to get dog to lie on fabric. Draw round it with felt pen. Cut out and sew up. Stuff.

fruitcorner Thu 23-Oct-08 21:51:40
hope the link works

UmMwahahahaaaaa Wed 22-Oct-08 20:32:26

I just made a long tube then stuffed it with old clean material. Then added ears and a tail made from old, clean socks, and button eyes and nose. Very twee. But works (and was fun and easy).

CrushaGrape Wed 22-Oct-08 17:08:18

I'd like to make a doggy draft excluder for a very cold house, and there are loads of patterns/methods out there for snake ones, but not for sausage dog ones. I found one I really like from Oxfam, which I'll buy if I can't make one, but was wondering if anyone knew of a pattern anywhere?

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