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anyone know where i can buy a huge sheet of paper

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Wumpy Wed 08-Oct-08 21:11:12

On Supernanny tonight they used a huge sheet of paper to do foot painting.

I have done this before and used a roll of lining paper but would like to hang it in the playroom and would like a huge sheet of paper.

I have googled it and looked on hobby craft.

Any ideas?


LadyOfWaffleIsScaryEnough Wed 08-Oct-08 21:13:41

Was going to suggest hobbycraft... They have more instore than online, maybe call them?

Flibbertyjibbet Wed 08-Oct-08 21:27:58

Check the supermarkets for which ones have huge sheets of white paper between the sugar, then take it when there's a sheet on top of the pile (or shuffle the last few bags of sugar off it down to the next level wink).
Some do brown paper and some do white and some do a very nice thick stuff.
The stuff from Netto is best and no one has ever said anything to me about taking it.

Wumpy Fri 10-Oct-08 21:03:23

Thank you Flibberty. I will be off to Tescos tommorrow.

southeastastra Fri 10-Oct-08 21:04:29

buy a good quality piece of card from an art shop

ShinyPinkShoes Fri 10-Oct-08 21:05:52

Go to a DIY shop and they are sure to give you a roll of wallpaper that has been discontinued

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