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cross stitch novice

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blossom2 Wed 02-Mar-05 20:28:26

i wondered if anyone else out there does cross stitch pictures as a hobby.

I brought a kit today of a ballet picture thinking how hard can it be - i can embroider but then looked at the instructions and thought - Whoops!!!

Can anyone recommend any websites for beginners etc.

Many thanks

Dior Wed 02-Mar-05 20:51:48

Message withdrawn

blossom2 Wed 02-Mar-05 20:53:23

the terminology really but then haven't looked at it properly ().

Miaou Wed 02-Mar-05 21:07:17

Hi blossom, I design and sell cross stitch kits! Ask me any questions you want - or CAT me if you prefer!

blossom2 Wed 02-Mar-05 21:11:41

Hi Miaou - how are you?? have you still got your dry skin??

What luck!!
i've got to heat up DH dinner but will be back later or tomorrow evening. trying to figure out what kind of fabric i have ie Aida or evenweave. really small threads and holes - i think its evenweave ...

many thanks

Miaou Wed 02-Mar-05 21:28:55

yup - still flaking and scratching (mmm niiiice )

Evenweave - the fabric weave, if you look closely, will consist of one strand, then a hole, then another strand, then hole etc. Usually you stitch on evenweave over two strands. Aida fabric has small holes and slightly wider weave btwn them - if you look closely at the weave, it is made up of lots of strands together.

Just to clarify - this is aida and this is evenweave

hope this helps!

blossom2 Wed 02-Mar-05 22:21:31

are you still around Miaou??

i think the fabric is Aida rather than evenweave. its certainly made up of 4-5 threads together (threads at the edges) and the holes are very small.

Also i've got a complicated picture but the size of fabric is actually quite small. If each cross stitch uses 9 holes, then the fabric would not be able to contain the picture. does that make sense???

thank you very much for this .

what are you using for the dry skin??

blossom2 Wed 02-Mar-05 22:27:47

i've just had a look at the picture and right at the bottom in REALLY small print, it says "16bpi beige Aida fabric" !!!!! i feel really clever today!!

what does bpi mean??!!??!

Miaou Wed 02-Mar-05 22:37:57

I think it probably says "hpi" instead of bpi - which means holes per inch. You do the cross stitch over one "block", thereby if you did 16 stitches in a row they would be 1 inch long.

Off to bed now but feel free to ask if you need more advice!

Dior Thu 03-Mar-05 11:16:42

Message withdrawn

blossom2 Thu 03-Mar-05 11:39:15

haven't started yet but going to tonight. i'm praying DD goes to sleep fairly easily ... can't wait!!

blossom2 Thu 03-Mar-05 21:19:20

HELP!!! I've just started and done a nice 2 inch square and realised i've used the wrong colour.

what can i do????

Dior Thu 03-Mar-05 22:11:51

Message withdrawn

blossom2 Thu 03-Mar-05 22:52:09

Hi Dior - I've unpicked it and started again!!! its actually really enjoyable and quite relaxing. You were right, its fairly easy and you can work quite fast. i can't wait to see the final picture.
thank you

Dior Thu 03-Mar-05 22:53:21

Message withdrawn

Miaou Fri 04-Mar-05 08:27:30

Hi blossom - sounds like you are enjoying doing your cross stitch! Which one are you doing?

blossom2 Fri 04-Mar-05 15:18:28

Hi Miaou. i'm doing a scene where 3 ballerinas are getting ready. I'll let you know the details later on tonight, as i'm worried that if i bring it out now, DD will tear it to pieces.

It must be a great job you have - very creative. Do you have your own business or work for a company?? i was thinking of (once i've finished this one of course) doing a more personalised picture - their name or something...

Miaou Fri 04-Mar-05 15:21:53

Just in the process of setting up my own website - it may even be live next week! Will let you know

Dior Fri 04-Mar-05 15:23:27

Message withdrawn

blossom2 Fri 04-Mar-05 15:30:01

Absolutely, post your website. I'm definitely interested.

i have fantasies of doing sometime with DD's name on it and then realise i'll turning into my MIL - AAHHHH....

blossom2 Fri 04-Mar-05 15:32:02

oh, also wanted to ask if there are beginners kits for children?? i know DD is probably too young but i have friends with kids who are 7/8 who would like something like this....

Miaou Fri 04-Mar-05 16:47:09

Really good site for kits for children is The Bold Sheep - they have a section called Baa-ginners!! They are really nice kits, affordable and an efficient company to deal with. And don't overlook the pleasure of a 7/8 year old getting something through the post with their name on!

blossom2 Fri 04-Mar-05 22:33:59

I'm doing a Anchor - counted cross stitch kit. Design is called 'getting ready' by Steve o'Connell. Number PCE569.

make any sense?!?!?!

Miaou Sat 05-Mar-05 09:42:15

Ah yes - this one ? It's lovely blossom. Let me know how you get on.

blossom2 Sat 05-Mar-05 10:15:14

are you including any of the other ballerina's in your website?!?!?! i love the blue & pink one!!!

its going well, small patch progressing nicely. Do you tend to work with one colour then move on to the next?? i've found that its easier to work with a couple of colours at the same time, otherwise i lose count. IYKWIM.

i've also gone and got a stain at the bottom of the fabric (eating a fajita at the time). hopefully it will only affect the last couple of squares ....

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