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Dolls House Carpeting

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Elk Fri 03-Oct-08 15:33:35

I am decorating the dd's doll's house. The colour scheme has been chosen by dd. I am fine with painting the walls, curtains etc but I can't work out what to use for the flooring.
Any ideas? please.............

AnnElk Fri 03-Oct-08 15:37:53

Sticky back plastic for kitchen and bathroom.

Lollipop sticks for planking says DH hmm or parquet with matches hmm

Felt - stuck down - would probably work for carpet.

AnnElk Fri 03-Oct-08 15:45:31


MadreInglese Fri 03-Oct-08 15:47:13

We carpeted DD's dollshouse with towelling, it makes lovely thick pile carpets

If you want lino or wood effect try and find a picture you like in a mag/catalogue or online, stick down and then varnish over

MadreInglese Fri 03-Oct-08 15:51:36

like this or this

Elk Fri 03-Oct-08 16:01:20

wow. Thanks alot. I didn't expect such quick responses (I thought I might have to 'bump' for England!)

AnnElk Fri 03-Oct-08 16:02:12

You are welcome.


AnnElk Fri 03-Oct-08 16:02:29

Us elks should herd together

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