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please help me find a table to do my crafty bits on in front of the tv

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AuntieMaggie Mon 22-Sep-08 14:17:33

I want a table I can use to make cards and jewellery on while I'm sat on the sofa watching the telly.

Anyone got any ideas?

AuntieMaggie Mon 22-Sep-08 15:09:16


AuntieMaggie Mon 22-Sep-08 21:54:41

ok, so i'll just sit on the floor

oggsfrog Tue 23-Sep-08 17:36:35

I was given one from Lakeland years ago but they don't do it anymore.
This seems to be the only one they have, but it's not very big.

Something like this maybe?

There are loads of adjustable camping tables that fold flat.

JackieNo Tue 23-Sep-08 17:40:01

This one?

oggsfrog Tue 23-Sep-08 17:51:28

If your sofa is low it might be difficult getting one that can be adjusted to that height.

The problem with the X frame ones is that it leaves nowhere for your legs to go.

Depending on how much space you need you might be better with something like this or this

JackieNo Tue 23-Sep-08 17:55:51

Maybe a lap tray (second item down) or a different sort of table?

kiwibella Wed 24-Sep-08 13:43:31

I have a fold-away wooden table from IKEA. My problem is having to put everything away once I am done.

AuntieMaggie Wed 24-Sep-08 22:34:31

ooo so much to choose from - thank you so much. now i won't have to either sitin the lonely dining room or on the floor!

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