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Two metallic Madiera threads, came free with magazine

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WigWamBam Fri 25-Feb-05 17:05:17

Anyone want them? Blue (10 0333) and fuschia (10 0313).

MummytoSteven Fri 25-Feb-05 17:07:09

sounds like the perfect xmas pressie for your MIL i am sure it's hard to buy metallic madiera threads these days..

WigWamBam Fri 25-Feb-05 17:07:53

Do you know, I should have thought of that!!

WigWamBam Fri 25-Feb-05 17:58:31

I shall bin them if no-one wants them, I don't use metallic threads. I'm not even asking for postage ...

Dingle Fri 25-Feb-05 18:01:17

I'll take themm off you hands if no one else is interested!!

Dingle Fri 25-Feb-05 18:03:51

I use threads on my cards- I do give commission to my local Downs Syndrome group which I belong to for my dd, so if no-one else turns up WWB, I would love them!

WigWamBam Fri 25-Feb-05 18:36:05

Of course you can have them! Cat me your address and I'll bung them in the post. I know I won't use them so they might as well go to someone who will!

Dingle Thu 10-Mar-05 10:12:21

A BIG thanks WigWamBam! They turned up yesterday.

WigWamBam Thu 10-Mar-05 11:05:53

You're welcome, I hope you can make use of them! Sorry it took so long to post them out, I thought I'd done it last week then found the envelope underneath a pile of papers

hub2dee Thu 10-Mar-05 11:16:35

Sorry to bust in, but a low profile message to WWB: just noticed your boarding school post. "The idea of shipping my child off for weeks on end horrifies me."

Re-read when needed. And don't forget to chase you know who, not to let stuff slide...

WigWamBam Thu 10-Mar-05 11:18:23

[paranoid emoticon]

Are you stalking me?


hub2dee Thu 10-Mar-05 11:30:28

No. Just got one lazy badger eye open in my sleep.

I hope things have very much improved in the last week, but stay on top of stuff / hassle reception / book repeat appointments for the next few months AHEAD of when they're needed etc.

<<shuts other eye, dozes off to sleep>>

Did you know badgers snore ?

WigWamBam Thu 10-Mar-05 11:37:31

Toads snore, too. Or is that giving too much away?

I'm far more on top of things than I was last week, thanks for all the support. Things are much, much clearer at the moment, although I know that I need to keep on top of things to stop it all kicking off again. I have an appointment for Friday, can only book 2 weeks in advance so booking up all my appointments now isn't possible.

Although they might listen to a rottweiller and a couple of half-asleep badgers ...

hub2dee Thu 10-Mar-05 11:45:34

I've never heard a toad snore. Just squeal splotch gobble gobble.... "hey, where's the toad ?"

V. glad indeed things look up. And yes, it is when things are OK that you'll be able to haul your warty ass around to various potential suppliers of assistance without coming across as an ambiguous amphibian.

"can only book 2 weeks in advance" sounds like rather crappo practice. No wonder they can't handle same-day appointments ! Can you imagine the chaos down their neck of the woods Is it feasible to investigate moving practice ???

Good luck, and sorry to hijack the thread (geddit ?)

WigWamBam Thu 10-Mar-05 11:58:48

<Groan> You tell worse jokes than my dh (and that's saying something).

It would be difficult to move practice unless I take up long-distance hiking; it takes half an hour each way to walk (even longer and even more fun when you have a sick child) and it's the closest practice.

I shall just continue to beat my head against the wall in frustration, I think.

hub2dee Thu 10-Mar-05 12:09:17

Car ? Bike with baby thing at back ? Skis ?

Go easy on the wall.

WigWamBam Thu 10-Mar-05 12:11:41

Car: don't drive anymore, dh has the car.
Bike with child seat on back: I fall off bikes.
Skis: don't get dh started, he loves skiing, I hate it.
Wall: it's about fallen down now, I've hit it too often.

Don't look now, but you're being stalked on Chat ... . Be afraid ... be very afraid ...

hub2dee Thu 10-Mar-05 12:44:55

Love skiing. dw hates it. But she's only tried it once, so I believe there is hope for the future. Any sprog will be indoctrinated for sure.

Try an adult trike: comfortable, sturdy.

For kids seat: I wouldn't put her on the back if you're not a confident / experienced cyclist, but surely in one of those 'little trailer thingies' ?

Thanks for the heads up on the stalker.

WigWamBam Thu 10-Mar-05 13:24:49

You wouldn't get me pointing downhill strapped to two planks of wood even if you paid me! And believe me, dh has tried ...

We'll just carry on walking. It's good for the soul, you know.

hub2dee Thu 10-Mar-05 13:43:28

mummytosteven Thu 10-Mar-05 13:45:37

skiing (shudder). they need to design boots that aren't uncomfortable. and alpine stodgy food - bleuuuugh

hub2dee Thu 10-Mar-05 14:16:16

Get your boot insoles custom molded at one of the boot fitting centres and it'll be MUCH nicer for you.

Food ? We always just hit the supermarket in the morning or the night before.

WigWamBam Thu 10-Mar-05 14:33:33

I don't believe that skiing could be nice at all, well-fitting boots or no well-fitting boots. If I tried, I would only prove the old saying that adrenaline is brown and runny ...

hub2dee Thu 10-Mar-05 15:04:28

You must learn to ski in a ski school, with other complete beginners, not by having someone who can ski 'show you the ropes,' IMO.

Unless dp/ friend etc. is VERY experienced, and has taught people before, I wouldn't bother learning off them. They'll typically want to go too fast too soon, and not be up to speed on the step-by-step thinking that needs to happen to get a beginner to stay upright, move, stop, turn. (The 'teacher' will have already incorporated advanced skiing technique into their automatic movements and probably won't be able to break it down into 'words of one syllable,' IYSWIM).

Honestly, you'll love it. Although getting up when you've fallen (which you'll do a lot of in your first few weeks) is knackering for those of us who like too many cream pies.

Oh, and in the afternoons after your classes, I would think at least twice about going out with advanced skiers who'll allegedly 'ski at your pace'. They won't. Meet up with some of your fellow ski buddies for hot choc / leisurely baby slopes / baby oil on hot Italian ski-teacher's hairy chest.

WigWamBam Thu 10-Mar-05 20:06:16

I'm far too much of a cream-pie lover to ever be a skiier . Although staying somewhere nice and cosy with hot chocolate, hot Italian and cold baby oil would be very tempting

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