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I have some material for a costume, but I am lacking any skill..

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JudgeSlur Mon 08-Sep-08 01:30:55

I have skull and cross bones black cotton material and I thought I'd just casually knock up a dress for dd to wear on Saturday.

It IS just that easy right?

I was thinking of cutting two bodice/top/vest bits out and sewing together. and two skirt bits and sewing together.

Then sewing top and skirt together.


A perfect pirate costume. Non?

needsupport Mon 08-Sep-08 01:32:36

make a tabard.big thick belt round the middle.even quicker and easier voila!

S1ur Mon 08-Sep-08 10:01:27

Good thinking NS. that would be simpler..

But a dress is only a teeny bit harder right?

just cut out a couple of pieces and sew?

marmadukescarlet Mon 08-Sep-08 10:06:09

I regularly make costumes, often the tabard/tunic route.

Find a dress that you want it to be a similar shape to and use this for a pattern, bearing in mind seam allowances. Also remember that cotton doesn't stretch and you will probably not be putting darts and shaping into it.

I don't know how old your DD is, but I would make a plain tunic dress and use fabric or a chunky belt to pull it in.

I am a lover of sew on/stick on velcro as I dislike sewing zips and button holes.

S1ur Tue 09-Sep-08 01:43:51

I have made a dress, almost. needs a bit of finishing.

Am now confident, And eyeing up ds with the remnants of my skull and cross bones material.

I am thinking waiscoat?

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